Why December Could Be the Best Month for MrBeast to Lay the Business Groundwork for 2024?

Published 11/29/2023, 6:05 AM EST

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The ongoing year has been a testament to the fact that MrBeast is the biggest content creator on the planet today. While the last few years were impressive for Jimmy the Creator, 2023 has taken him into a whole different league. The social media analytics of MrBeast have witnessed phenomenal growth lately, and the fans are looking forward to Jimmy wrapping up things for the year on a high! Well, as the countdown to December begins, here’s why fans believe the month could potentially be a ‘game changer’ for the YouTube King. 

Ever since MrBeast has surpassed the 200 million subscriber mark, the buzz around him dethroning T-Series as the ‘ most subscribed channel’ on the platform has heated up. In fact, for a lot of the fans, the dethroning might be happening anytime soon considering the streak of content MrBeast has been uploading lately. Moreover, the exhilarating lineup planned for the month of December, as teased by the creator himself, only helps the case. So, before the start of 2024, it looks like Jimmy is gearing up for one big showdown!

MrBeast eyeing the ‘ad revenue’ surge for the holiday season? 


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In a recent community post on YouTube, MrBeast gave an exciting update on his plans for the last month of 2023. According to the community post, the creator would be making weekly uploads in the Christmas season, giving your Saturday mornings an ‘ideal start’ to the weekend. “Turn on notifications right now because we have weekly uploads coming the next couple of Saturdays and I don’t want you to miss any,” the post reads. 

Why is it important for Mrbeast to maximize revenue during the Christmas season by doing weekly uploads.
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While the tease had the YouTube audience celebrating, it also sparked a lot of curiosity about Jimmy’s plan for December. The most common query that the netizens had was: Why is a busy December so important for the creator? Well, not just for the sake of entertainment and long-term YouTube dominance, the weekly upload plan for December has something to do with ad revenue generation.

The significance of Christmas for the ad revenue business 


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A fair amount of a YouTuber’s income is attributed to ad revenue and sponsorship. But did you know the holiday season maximizes the ad revenue policy? Ad revenue is highest during December because people are typically buying gifts for Christmas, which leads to companies advertising heavily. There is then a sharp decline in ad revenue in January once the holiday season is over. Thus, a lot of creators come up with an eventful schedule for the Christmas season.

In a similar case, MrBeast through his weekly uploads in the month of December, would be aiming to maximize the profits during the closure of 2023, which might also lay a strong foundation for his dominance in 2024. There’s no denying the fact that, when it comes to business, Jimmy has cracked the algorithm of being the best.


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Undoubtedly, with the lineup teased by the YouTube King for December, there’s added excitement for all the fans for the Christmas season. It will be exciting to see if the creator can match up to the standards set by him throughout the year with the forthcoming weekly uploads. 

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