Why GTA Online Is Safe Despite the Source Code Leak?

Published 12/26/2023, 9:56 AM EST

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On Christmas day, a huge data breach attack on Rockstar Games was reported. Rockstar Games’ cybersecurity woes continued when hackers breached and leaked the source code for GTA 5, GTA 6, and Bully 2. This news spread like wildfire and the community was quick to raise concerns about their privacy and safety while playing GTA Online on the PC.

The source code leak has players worried about how hackers have easy access to the game and could figure out ways to cheat in the game. Before there was panic in the community, two prominent figures stepped forward to give fans reliving news. They broke down exactly why this won’t affect players and cleared the air surrounding security concerns.

What makes GTA Online safe?


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The user @videotechuk_ on X is a prominent figure in the GTA community. He is known to report news about Rockstar Games and often gets insider information about their projects. After the GTA 5 leaks, he took to X to reassure the community that despite the leaks, the game was safe to play. He said, “The source code which leaked on Christmas Day originates from September 2022 leaks, it’s based on very outdated code which represents zero use to cheater groups.” This gave the community the sigh of relief they needed.

He explained how Rockstar Games has stepped up their game when it comes to security ever since the breach in 2022. Further, he spoke about how the company has made changes to the internal backend to make sure that hackers with the source code cannot create hacks that will hinder the experience in a private/invite-only session.


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The user also cautioned players to be wary of the news they take from some pages as there have been cases of posts being made for “fear-mongering for Twitter money.”

Tez2 is another well-known member of the GTA community known for his insider insights on Rockstar’s workabouts. He shared his opinion on the official GTA Forums page. While replying to a post on the page, Tez2 shared how these source codes have been circulating within a few Pay to Cheat circles online. He added that Rockstar and Take-Two are aware of this.


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Tez2 said, “Rockstar has been prioritizing anything that may result in cases where an exploit could endanger the players.” He added, “There is Arxan code within the leaked code, but Rockstar has made changes over the past year.”

He explained that the October 2022 patch removed and reworked many parts of the anti-cheat plugins. The Arxan code has been reworked too and bypassed already, presumably due to the source code leaks.


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Today, Rockstar Games is said to have the safest invite-only lobbies so as you log in to the game, you can be assured that there will be significantly fewer hackers in GTA Online.

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