With Taylor Swift Beating Out MrBeast for TIME’s Person of the Year Award, What Would a Collaboration Between the Two Look Like?

Published 12/07/2023, 2:11 PM EST

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With over 200 million subscribers on YouTube, fans always expect MrBeast to be one of the most popular influencers on earth. But his video was recently dethroned as the most viewed video in 24 hours by the GTA 6 trailer. Following that, he was nominated for the TIME Person of the Year award. But he didn’t win that award. He lost it to Taylor Swift.

America’s Favorite Video Today

Knowing MrBeast, this is not seen as a defeat by the YouTuber, but a challenge to prove himself once more. Considering his collaborative nature, many fans have started speculating about a collaboration between Taylor Swift and the famous YouTuber.

MrBeast X Taylor Swift: What would it look like?


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After Taylor Swift won the Time Award, one fan started speculating about the chance of MrBeast calling Taylor Swift for a video collaboration. MrBeast is known to bring in some extremely well-known celebrities for his videos. This includes Tom Brady.

No wonder Reddit users wanted to MrBeast and Swift together in a video. “MrBeast should get Taylor Swift cameo in a video…that would be the collab of the century,” the post read.


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The famous YouTuber has the connections and credibility to make it happen. But is it something he is interested in? Only time can reveal that.

MrBeast should get Taylor Swift cameo in a video…that would be the collab of the century!
byu/Ill-Blacksmith-9545 inMrBeast

Considering all possibilities, fans took the opportunity to daydream about MrBeast X Taylor Swift. Would they attempt to make a music video? Who knows!

Fans hyped about possible MrBeast and Taylor Swift collaboration

The idea of Taylor Swift making a cameo seems like a good one. Considering that both personalities have extensive reach with their audience, the collaboration would co-benefit both parties. One fan of MrBeast’s fan wrote, “I’m not a Taylor Swift fan, but I do think that would be cool. There’s no denying she is super famous. It would definitely get more clicks. That is Mr. Beast’s number one goal.”

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However, another Reddit user had some bizarre wish and wrote, “Can I run for President with Taylor as my VP?”

Redditors had several opinions to put forth. “It would be great but she has no reason to, it’s like the halftime show for Super Bowl,” wrote another person. Taylor Swift has been showing up for the Kansas City Chiefs’ games to support her beau Travis Kelce. Hence, many fans expect her to perform at the 2024 Super Bowl Halftime show.

But as per several reports, it won’t happen. Swift seems to have declined several such offers.


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USA Today via Reuters

Further, a Reddit user tried to rationalize why MrBeast and Swift’s collaboration was possible. “Mark Cuban is a multibillionaire and he did it. Justin Timberlake is just as well known as Taylor Swift and he did it.”

A person shared their unpopular opinion and wrote, “No Taylor swift is overdone ngl. Not everyone is obsessed with her. Unpopular opinion.” Another person commented, “No. Please no.”


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Only time will tell if MrBeast has similar thoughts as the poster of this thread. As of now, it all speculations and opinions. With that said, do you think a Taylor Swift and MrBeast collaboration is a good idea?

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