Fortnite Chapter 5, Season 1, is here, and it brings with it a bunch of new stuff. Of course, every new season and chapter of this game brings something exciting to the table. This time around, fans get new skins and a bunch of new locations. These skins include, but are not limited to, Peter Griffin from Family Guy and Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

Now Snake makes sense; he is an army guy; he can be here. But Peter Griffin is an unlockable Battle Pass skin too. Over that, he is also buffed up, how? You need not wonder, as Fortnite has a very convincing answer to these questions.

Peter Griffin’s incredible fitness has been well-documented!


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A new battle pass means a bunch of new unlockable stuff. Among these is Family Guy’s Peter Griffin. Usually, he is not so fit and buff, but in this BattlePass, he is. After that, there’s no way for anyone to know how he made his way to the island. Hence, Fortnite decided to give that explanation.

In a recently launched video, Peter is seen seeking fitness advice from Meowscles. This is a legacy character and is very fit. Hence, it is more than happy to indulge Peter in the video and suggest a book that says “How to Get Swole in 30 Days.” Peter is not convinced by it; he wants a faster solution to his problem. Then he is shown a readable saying, “How to Get Swole in 1 Hour.” Once again, Peter’s got no patience for that.

Finally, Meowscles simply brings out a jar of Slurp Juice that expired in 2021. Peter gulps it happily and gets buffed instantly. Meowscles now guides him towards a rift, which takes Peter to the island. There he shows off his Petercopter glider, Brian backpack, and the Surfin Bird Emote.

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This stuff sure looks fancy, and players would no doubt have much fun unlocking all these things in the game itself.


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What else does BattlePass bring to the table?

While Peter Griffin is surely an exciting addition to this list of unlockables. Given the fact that his normal heavy self was once a paid item in the Fortnite store. He is accompanied by the following characters in the BattlePass unlockables:

  • The catwalk-ready Oscar
  • The other hope of The Underground Vengeance Jones
  • The honorably dishonorable Nisha
  • The steel-nerved Montague
  • The most notorious of the notorious Valeria


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The solid snake will be available to be unlocked at a later date. All this stuff would be available to unlock until March 8, 2024. There’s plenty of time to do it then.

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