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Gareth Bale Reported to be Moving to China

Gareth Bale Reported to be Moving to China

Real Madrid player Gareth Bale is once again being reported to a move to the Chinese league.

It has been reported Real Madrid are looking to off-load Bale, who had been decent at the club so far this season.

Bale, 30, has been put of training for two weeks now, due to an injury, the medical reports of which are stopped from coming out.

He was also left out of the squad for Real Madrid Champions League match against Club Brugge, to which manager Zinedine Zidane stated fitness reasons. However, Bale felt it was more personal than fitness concerns.

If it is indeed a rift, It will not the first time that the duo have been involved. Before the start of the season, Zidane had clearly expressed that Bale was out of favour. This led to a series of event and the Bale had become an outcast. Despite being a talented player, Bale found offers hard to come by in Europe, which one would assume, is due to the huge salary that he earns in Madrid many teams would be reluctant to match given his injury concerns. Amidst his exit reports then, Bale had come the closest to moving to China with a reported agreement of a deal with the player, but the move eventually broke down.

Zinedine Zidane patting Gareth Bale
Zinedine Zidane had publicly announced that Real Madrid are planning to offload Gareth Bale, but he is now playing for the club

Once the season started, Bale started quite a few games with many first team players injured and seemed as if he was doing well. Just when it was thought that the Bale has found his place in the Real Madrid lineup again, the latest reports suggest a new rift between the manager and the player.

Marca have reported that Jiangsu Suning have agreed to a personal deal with Bale, which would see him earn more than £1million-a-week. The problem however, for the Chinese side is the transfer fee. According to the Chinese league rules, if a club is spending in transfer fees, it must donate an equal amount for the development of the league.

The talks seems to have broken down when Real Madrid insisted transfer fee for Bale.

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