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Genshin Impact Aims to Continue Riding Momentum With New Update

Genshin Impact Aims to Continue Riding Momentum With New Update

With 17 million downloads on just mobile devices within the first couple of weeks since launch, Genshin Impact is a dream for anime fans. Developer miHoYo is also planning to bring the game to Nintendo Switch soon. Considering the primary market of the game is Asia, the Switch launch will take the game sales to new heights.

Developers miHoYo has observed the other games such as Fall Guys and Among Us that went viral recently. Therefore, they have realized that regardless of how attractive the game is, it constantly needs new content to survive the tough competition. Hence, within just a few weeks of the launch, the developers plan on rolling out the first patch.

The patch is currently under development. Additionally, only a few people have access since it is in a closed beta. However, one of the players taking part in the closed beta has leaked a lot of information about the first update.

Four more characters coming to Genshin Impact

The studio is planning to bring two new 4-star and 5-star characters each. The SportsRush reports that the 4-star characters are called Diona and Xinyang. Of these, Diona, will be a cryo type with a bow as her weapon of choice, and Xinyang is a pyro type with a swordfish as his weapon.

The names of the 5-star characters are Childe and Zhong Li. Childe is a hydro who wields a bow while Zhong Li is Geo and has a lance.

The update also includes new constellations for the characters. Two of these create two geo constructs instead of one and give nearby characters shield when near the geo construct.
Apart from this, devs may also add a rumored new region to the world of Teyvat for exploration.

While miHoYo has made no official communication regarding the update, one can expect further leaks from the closed beta.

As long as the developers keep on releasing frequent updates, players will stay hooked to the game. This is the best strategy for games to stay relevant right now. Therefore, miHoYo wants to ride the momentum and get the most out of it. They would also want to develop a game worth buying until their Switch launch.

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