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Genshin Impact: Fan Theory Claims miHoYo Will Reset Player Progress in Inazuma

Published 03/22/2021, 8:25 AM EDT

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Genshin Impact runs on a gacha system, where spending in-game currency increases the chances of getting five-star weapons and characters. Even though the game is not competitive, playing it freely is such a tiring task that players often end up investing actual money in banners.

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Free-to-play players not only face difficulties in unlocking characters and weapons, but upgrading them to the maximum levels. Accordingly, they need to use their resources cautiously. These include items like Hero’s Wit, Diamond Chunks, and Tail of Boreas.


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The Northlander Weapon Prototypes are also one of the most important resources in Genshin Impact, especially for free-to-play players. They help them in forging and refining four-star weapons like the Prototype Rancour, Iron Sting, and the Dragonspine Spear.

Genshin Impact might introduce new weapon prototypes with Inazuma

All the weapon prototypes in Genshin Impact currently belong to the “Northlander” category. The only way to avail them is by defeating weekly bosses like Dvalin, Andrius, or Childe. Naturally, this makes them extremely rare, and F2P players are often advised to save their prototypes for future updates.

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However, prominent Genshin Impact creator Sekopoko believes new weapon prototypes will arrive with Inazuma. Based on the region’s locations, these prototypes might belong to a separate “Eastlander” category. Hence, saving any of the Northlander Prototypes in hope of better craftable weapons in the future might not be worth it.


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Time and again, Sekapoko clarified that this is his own theory, and is unrelated to any leaks.

Will miHoYo replicate the progress reset system of games like World of Warcraft?

Sekapoko has years of experience in gaming, and has tried out a plethora of RPGs. Interestingly, the YouTuber has also played World of Warcraft where the progress of players is reset for new areas.


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Similarly, miHoYo might introduce new weapon prototypes and materials for Inazuma. Accordingly, the community might have to begin a new journey in the region. This implies that the resources which are essential in upgrading weapons and characters in Mondstadt or Liyue can turn out to be useless in the upcoming Tevyat nation.

Hence, pre-farming materials for Inazuma might not be a viable approach for millions of free-to-play players in the Genshin Impact community. Instead, they should prioritize on building and refining their arsenal with the Northlander prototypes available at the moment.


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On the flip side, ‘Whales’ or Pay-to-Win players can continue pulling on all the banners and maxing out their favorite characters and weapons with ease.

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