Genshin Impact Guide: How to Solve Every Crimson Agate Puzzle in Dragonspine

Published 12/29/2020, 12:34 PM EST

The new region of Dragonspine is proving to be more menacing than it actually seemed. The annoying sheer cold effect in the subzero climate becomes even more difficult to deal with in tricky situations that need your time, especially if you have to solve puzzles and fight blood-thirsty Hilicurls and the greedy Fatui henchmen. These omnipresent adversaries will immediately attack the travelers who dare to venture into the snowcapped region of Genshin Impact.


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This frozen land contains a ‘Frostbearing Tree’ that you have to feed a collectible in ‘Crimson Agate’ to earn rich rewards. These collectibles are present everywhere on the map, while some are locked behind secret chests and puzzles that you would need to solve to gain them.


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Guide to solve all the secret puzzles of Crimson Agates in Genshin Impact

Puzzles are one of the prominent features of Genshin Impact that the community really enjoys. Some of them prove to be too demanding; so much so that players struggle to solve them without assistance.

If you wish to upgrade your ‘Forstbearing tree’ all the way to max, then you will need to solve these puzzles to acquire the secret ‘Crimson Agate’.

Lonesome island near the beach

The beach area surely contains a lot of chests and ‘Crimson Agates’, but this one is specially kept outside your reach. It is located inside a secret chest covered in blue ice on the lonely island, with no ‘Scarlet Quartz’ in a workable location.

The only way to solve this puzzle is by either teleporting on the electro hypostasis domain or at the teleport way-point in ‘Dadupa Gorge’ and head to the location marked in the following image.

Upon reaching that location, you will need to look down and locate a platform that contains a secret Scarlet Quartz. This platform is located directly above the lonely island and it will give you an idea of where you should look. Refer to the image below to find the shard.

Now just glide your way down the island with the buff and break the blue ice to uncover the Crimson Agate of the lonely island.

The true king of Dragonspine

The lore suggests ‘Durin’ ruled the peaks of the region, but his demise in the battle against the Anemo god and ‘Dvalin’ reshaped the mountains. The body of this dragon lays in these lands, but this region supposedly has a new ruler and who holds a secret Crimson Agate in his possession.

Head to the statue of the seven and glide all the way down to the open section, highlighted in the image above. You will find three frozen boars in the area and you will need to kill them all. This will unveil a new boss for you to take on, be prepared because he will attack you immediately.

The boar king will come out and pounce on your party, kick-starting a boss fight. Battle the boar king and try to finish the fight quickly because this area does not contain a heat source for you to deal with the sheer cold effect. After you beat this boss, collect the chilled meat for a side quest that you will have to do and move on to find a chest at the cliffside that contains the secret ‘Crimson Agate’.

Missing father

Now if you have entered this region, you would have surely come across a kid named Joel near the campsite who is looking for his father. This quest is rather simple to solve, just follow the quest markers and read up on the notes left by his father at the campsites.

Teleport back to the statue of the seven and head to the section, the wind barrier blocked. Inside the cavern look towards the right, you will find the final campsite, it will contain the last remaining note that will ask you to feed the foxes (This concludes Joel’s quest). Look for a bowl situated right next to the cooking place and drop 2 berries there. Repeat this process 5 times with each daily reset to earn the secret ‘Crimson Agate’.

The Puzzle of the wall

This puzzle is at the entrance of the ‘Dragonspine’ near the ‘Sal Terrae’ region. Teleport on the northern way-point of the Entombed city and head towards the exit area, refer to the image below for the exact location. You should come across an area that contains a wall and several pressure pads.

These pressure pad needs to press in a proper sequence to light up the signs on the wall. One mistake will turn them all off instantly, so ensure you refer to the image below and follow the pattern.

The 1 number shows the pads that have to be pressed first, after which you will need to press the pads containing number 2. This will trigger the game to spawn a new treasure chest in front of you that contains a secret Crimson Agate.

The Crimson Agate inside a cage beyond the Totems

This one will require you to solve two puzzles back-to-back right around the outskirts of the entombed city. Teleport on the way-point present on the south-eastern section of the ‘dragonspine’ below the ‘Entombed City Outskirts’ region.

Make your way through a semi-broken bridge area that contains a mechanical enemy and cryo pillars. You would need a cryo character to strike each of these pillars to activate them. Two are present in front of you, while the other two are on a cliff on each side, refer to the image below for their exact location.

Now this will cause the water below you to drain down, but pixies will attack you. Kill them and then head down in the cavern to discover a whole new area. This section contains a Crimson Agate puzzle along with a ragged record that you will need to find the next secret Agate.

Refer to the image above and press all three switches because this will open the exit doors and the cage that contains the secret Agate and the ragged record. Pick up the ragged record from the other cage, as it will lead you to yet another secret Crimson Agate. The first two switches are visible in the image, while the third one is near the exit door.

The ragged record quest

If you have picked up the ragged record, it will spawn a marker that will lead to a campsite nearby. Make use of the elemental vision and follow the said market, it will take you to the camp where you will find a ‘Crimson Agate’ and yet another ragged record. Read the clues as it will ask you to look for a place where the mountain meets the sea.


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In the exact location you will find a lonesome boat that is near the area where the sea literally meets the mountain. Look for the final record underneath the mountain on the right section that contains a broken-down boat. Read the last record and press investigate to pick up your treasure chest that contains a ‘Crimson Agate’.

Now the last remaining puzzle of the game is the secret door of the Starglow Cavern. This will require you to locate three prince boxes that are situated around the map. If you have not picked them up, then don’t worry, just refer to this guide it will tell you how to find them on the map and open the secret door.


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