Genshin Impact Guide: How to Unlock the Summit of Vindagnyr and the New Domain

Published 12/26/2020, 9:55 AM EST

The summit of ‘Dragonspine’ holds a mystery that is kept out of travelers’ reach because of a magical seal. This seal, along with the howling wind, prevents you from venturing deep inside the mountain. This can a bit of an overwhelming puzzle for new players to solve compared to the veterans of Genshin Impact.


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The game offers no hint or tips that can help players to solve the puzzle of the magic seal and impenetrable winds.


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Guide to locating all the ice crystals in Genshin Impact’s new region

This guide will give you a detailed tour of finding all the crystals in Dragonspine. If you are having problems figuring out the mystery of the strange magical seal, then you will need to refer the guide.

It can only be dispelled by destroying particular ice-crystals that are present in Dragonspine. They are guarded by ruin guards, puzzles, and a time trial challenge.

First Crystal


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The first ice crystal is mandatory for players to destroy; it will unveil the Forst Bearing Tree that players can reap rewards from.

Teleport on the ‘Snow-Covered Path’ way-point and you should be able to see the ice crystal in the distance. Now all you have to do is find the red stones around the area that will give you ‘Scarlet Quartz’.

This shard provides you with a one-time use buff that can destroy the unbreakable ice and these strange crystals. They won’t break with just a single attack, you will need to strike each one four times with the Scarlet buff to destroy them. The first crystal contains ‘The Forst Bearing Tree’ that is a part of the ongoing event.

Second Crystal

This second crystal is probably one of the hardest ones to find. You will first need to teleport on the way-point that is present on the left side of Dragonspine, directly underneath the Wyrmrest Valley. You will now be able to see a ritual ground that is shown in the image above, which contains a puzzle.

This puzzle is actually a memory game that you have to solve by memorizing Seelie’s path. Press the squared contraption and this should trigger the Seelie to move between the Cryo Pillars in a specific order that you have to memorize. Now attack the Cryo pillar in the same order to dispel the magic. You are now going to be attacked by two ruin guards and after defeating them, a Ruin Garder will challenge you.

Defeat all the enemies and glide down inside the secret chamber. This chamber contains the second crystal with only three Scarlet shards, which is not enough to break it. You will have to guide two Seelies in the area to open a secret door that contains the fourth Scarlet shard.

The first Seelie will be present right in front of you while the second one is behind the crystal, covered in ice. Free it from the ice and follow them along to open the doorway behind, and now you can break the crystal.

Third Crystal

This third crystal is probably the most difficult one to get past. It is visible to the eyes but protected by a force field that you cannot breach unless you complete a time trial challenge. Before you attempt the challenge, you need to guide three Seelies present in the area back to their statues. These three statues will help you fight against the cold while battling against the enemies during the challenge.

The first Seelie is in the open and can be easily guided back to its statue, while the other two are behind the crystal. Approach the blue ice-wall behind the crystal and break it with a ‘Scarlet Quartz’ to find the Seelie. The final one is near the ruin guard corpse, behind a breakable wall right next to the previous crystal.

Head back and complete the time-trail challenge and pick all the Scarlet Quartz. Two will be located where you found the Seelies while the other two are out in the open near the challenge. Destroy the crystal to open the locked pathway.

Three more crystals on the Statue of the Seven

If you have broken all three crystals, head back to Statue of the Seven. You can now access the pathway that the hollowing winds had previously blocked. This will lead you into an open area where you will find three more crystals. Only this time, you can break them with just a single Scarlet buff.

Three Scarlet shards can found in this area by just following the path and battling the enemies you encounter along the way. There are no puzzles in this section, so you should be able to fight your way out of it.

The first two Scarlet Quartz are located beside the enemies along with respective ice crystals, so they will be easy to spot. However, the third crystal would require an archer character to snipe it from a distance.

Use an Anemo character to open a wind current present on the pathway of a Seelie. This Seelie is present near the second Scarlet Quartz location. Follow up the current, you will be led to the third Scarlet buff surrounded by hilichurls. Now, right on the chasm where you found the buff you should see the final crystal below, snipe it with a range character and you are good to go.

Each crystal would provide you with a broken piece of a pillar that you need to unite to the ice pillar. When you have returned all three pieces, it will open the route that will take you to your ultimate destination.


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The final ascent to the summit

You will now be able to reach the peak of Vindagnyr that also contains the new domain. Report back to Iris after unlocking the ice domain to finish ‘Into the Mountain’ quest. This domain contains Cryo and Hydro artifacts that are extremely powerful, you can farm them exactly like every other domain in the game.


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