At first glance, MiHoYo‘s Genshin Impact might seem like a regular action RPG game. However, as players progress in the game, they witness the multitude of features it offers. One such distinctive feature in Genshin Impact are Artifacts. These Artifacts increase the character stats.

Upon reaching high adventure ranks like 40, Artifacts become one of the most essential aspects of a player’s journey. Hence, it is recommended to collect and use them judiciously.

YouTuber Gacha Gamer explained the three biggest mistakes that players make while making their way to the top:


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Understanding the stats of several Artifacts in Genshin Impact

While farming for Artifacts, players might be under the misconception that all Artifacts are equal. Apparently, the Plume of Death (ATK) and the Flower of Life (HP) always have the same main stats.

On the flip side, Circlet of Logos (Crit), Goblet of Eonothem (DMG Bonus %), and Sand of Eon (Elemental) Artifacts have randomized main stats. Also, these Artifacts can have a special stat, and there’s an equal chance of it being an Elemental Mastery or Energy Recharge.

While Elemental Mastery is available in all three of the aforementioned Artifacts, Energy Recharge can only be a part of Sand of Eon.

Owing to their rarity and significant value, players should always look out for these stats in their Artifacts and save them for the right opportunities. Accordingly, they can use these artifacts to enhance their main DPS.


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Strike the perfect balance between efficiency and resins

Progressing from adventure rank 40 to 45 is one of the most challenging parts in Genshin Impact. Players expect a maximum of five-star Artifacts in the process; however, Gacha Gamer suggests they refrain from doing so.

Following adventure rank 45, every Artifact domain drops a guaranteed five-star Artifact. Hence, one should prioritize Ley Lines and ascension materials and complete the Artifact domains only after reaching AR 45.


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In simple words, save and use your four-star Artifacts efficiently before wasting time on grinding for similar stats from five-star Artifacts.

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