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Genshin Impact: How to Get 200 Free Primogems by Completing These Secret Achievements

Published 04/15/2021, 7:49 AM EDT

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Primogems is one of the important, if not the most important, resource in Genshin Impact. Players can buy Acquaint Fate or Intertwined Fate with them and pull weapon and character banners to unlock their favorite items.

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Getting primogems in Genshin Impact is an arduous task unless you’re a ‘whale’ who invests actual money in the game. Free-to-play players usually save their primogems for weeks just to make 10 pulls on a banner.

There are certain renewable and non-renewable sources that offer primogems. Achievements belong to the latter category and are often ignored by the players.


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Here are some secret achievements in Genshin Impact that can help you in getting over 200 primogems easily.

Genshin Impact offers free primogems for making mistakes and cooking

Cooking is one of the most neglected aspects of Genshin Impact. Accordingly, a plethora of players do not realize that they can complete an achievement simply by cooking any food badly. It is called “if you put your heart into it…” and grants 5 primogems.

A similar achievement named “…anyone can be a gourmet” requires players to cook any food badly for 9 times and gives out 5 primogems. Interestingly, the ‘Bon appétit’ achievement offers 10 primogems just for feeding all the party members with food until they’re full.


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Free primogems by climbing locations and sprinting

Dvalin is certainly one of the most annoying weekly bosses to beat in Genshin Impact. However, reaching the top of Stormterror’s Lair completes the ‘The Remains of the Gale’ achievement and rewards 5 primogems.

You can also climb Venti’s statue in Mondstadt and sit in his hands to get 5 primogems for completing ‘Beloved of the Anemo Archon’.

Another achievement related to mobility is ‘Run, Melos!’. You simply need to sprint continuously for 15 seconds and get a chance to win 10 primogems.

One of the most interesting achievements on this list is ‘Boared to Death’. As the name suggests, a boar should kill your character, which is worth 5 primogems.

Boars deal minimal damage, and it is unlikely that one will defeat you. Hence, fall down from a high place and revive that character with a Fried Egg. Now, just find a boar and let it hit the character with the low HP.

The most time-consuming achievement on this list is ‘Unswerving’ for 10 primogems. You need to visit the isolated island near Yaoguang Shoal and stand inside the heart-shaped stones on it.


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YouTuber taka gg showed how to reach this island in a video:

Childish Juang is an NPC that stands near Mt. Tianheng. In order to complete the ‘Ready Player Zero’ achievement and win 5 primogems, play a game of Hide & Seek with this NPC. Note that this is also a World Quest and gives 30 primogems on completion.


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Last, but not least, there’s ‘Fantastic Four’ that rewards 10 primogems. You need to clear a domain with four characters that have similar elements. A good team composition to try this out can be Fischl, Razor, Lisa, and Beidou.

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