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Genshin Impact Tier List: Best Support Characters in the Game

Published 12/27/2020, 12:27 PM EST

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Owing to the enormous popularity of Genshin Impact this year, the developers will want to raise it to the next level in the following year. The amazing storyline and character development are the major reasons for the game’s success.

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A lot of new users feel that building up a team with a physical damage dealer is a wise decision. Surprisingly, this only leads to an inefficient team. In Genshin Impact, it’s very important to pay attention to support damage dealers as they help in increasing the main DPS damage and some even provide crazy healing.

Therefore, players must refrain from ignoring the importance of a SUB DPS character in the team. With the year 2020 ending, here are some of the best support characters of the current year.


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Efficient support characters in Genshin Impact


Venti was the first archon to get featured in the game’s first banner back on September 28, 2020. He is arguably one of the best characters in the game. Many players even claim that his elemental burst is overpowered when compared to other characters.

He plays an important role by gathering all the enemies in a single spot. This puts players at a great advantage, especially in spiral abyss and domains as many users face a problem of an insufficient time limit, which Venti helps in getting rid of.


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Moreover, his elemental burst creates a vortex which deals significant damage to enemies and even traps them inside till the effect wears off. He is an excellent support character and his abilities stand for his name, Barbatos, Anemo Archon.


miHoYo introduced Qiqi as a Zombie within the game. Players encounter her for the first time in an Archon Quest, Faiwell, Archaic Lord. She is a stable healer who also has high damage output. Her elemental skill summons an ice herald that deals damage to nearby enemies.

Furthermore, any damage she deals will even heal all party members’ health, which mostly acts as a bonus. Her elemental burst deals substantial damage and even marks the enemies with a Talisman.

This Talisman plays an important role as any character can heal as much health as they deal with these marked enemies. This opens up a road of infinite health to all party members in the game.

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Pyro characters have dominated the battlefields in Genshin Impact since the beginning, and Bennett stands out on this list. As miHoYo introduced a new region, Dragonspine in its update 1.2 with many Cyro enemies, the Pyro characters have come into the limelight yet again.

Bennet fits in the role of a support character rather than a main DPS. His elemental burst can heal the party members’ health to up to 70% and after that, it gives a damage buff for a short period. Many players underestimate his healing; however, they may not be aware that his healing heals the party members in a rapid-fire speed. This makes him insanely good, both as a damage dealer and a healer.


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Players can try to get their hands on him by opening the recent banner within the game. The new banner provides players with a 50% drop rate of a four-star character, along with Fischl and Sucrose.



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