Genshin Impact Update: Zhongli Joins the Party but Is He Any Good?

Published 12/01/2020, 12:03 PM EST

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Genshin Impact has dropped the latest character banner for Xinyan and Zhongli. The teaser trailers evoked chatter in the community, as Mihoyo revealed him to be the first 5-star Geo character. This has given rise to speculations and how well he will fit in a meta that is running around Geo element because of Spiral Abyss.


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Is Zhongli a viable character in Genshin Impact

Looking at Zhongli and his abilities, it is easy to understand that this guy is not a charge and swing based character, therefore, not a physical DPS carry. So what is he capable of doing? Let’s take a deeper look at his skills and abilities and see what he can do.

Basic ability (E) can summon a Geo pillar that resonates with other Geo constructs, dealing with one AOE damage per tick. Pressing and holding basic skill will deal area damage, drain Geo elements, and allow you to gain a stone shield that scales with his effective HP.


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No other character in the game has a shield stronger than his. Even more so as its cooldown is shorter compared to the duration of the shield.

You are dealing with area damage at every step of the way with Zhongli, as his ultimate calls a giant meteor down from the sky, dealing massive Geo damage. On top of dealing Geo damage in an area, his ultimate ability can cause enemies to be petrified, leaving them wide open for attacks.


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It can also be spammed, as its cooldown is only 12 seconds with a reasonable energy cost, which recharges quickly.

What role does he fit in?


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Zhongli can be your major spell casting DPS, but not without Ningguang. Looking at both their kit and the utilities, they both can become your support/tank/DPS/Mage DPS. She can be the main damage dealer while synergizing well with everything that Zhongli can do. He is a viable character that can support a team, stun enemy mobs while also dealing massive Geo elemental damage.


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