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Genshin Impact Update 1.5: Best Farming Locations for Pine, Fir, Sandbearer and Other Types of Wood

Published 04/29/2021, 5:53 AM EDT

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The highly anticipated 1.5 update for Genshin Impact has finally arrived. Along with Zhongli’s re-run banner and Yanfei, players have a brand-new housing system to explore.

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Considering the community’s complaints regarding the lack of content up till the 1.4 patch, the 1.5 update is certainly ground-breaking. It has heavily shifted the meta from combat and incentivized players to farm house-building materials like wood.

There are 7 types of woods in Genshin Impact at the moment. Here’s a quick guide for you to locate and farm them easily.


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Farming locations for the seven types of woods in Genshin Impact

For Birch Wood, teleport to the Statue of Seven in Dawn Winery in Mondstadt. The trees with the white trunks are spread across the area, and you can hit them while roaming in circles.

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Cuihua Wood is available from trees with Sunsettias and Apples. Use the Teleport Waypoint near Dadaupa Gorge, which is located in the southeastern part of Mondstadt. You can find these trees in the hilichurl camps in the North, and the pond in the south.


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While hints might tell you to visit Dragonspine to get Pine Wood, you can farm it more easily in Mondstadt. The main city has a plethora of small pine trees around the Knight of the Favonius headquarters. This is not only a less time-consuming strategy but will help you in evading the cold in Dragonspine.

Guili Plains in Liyue is the best location to farm Sandbearer Wood. Two trees for this wood are located Southwest of the Teleport Waypoint, and others can be found in a little path in the Northwest.

It is worth noting that many trees with large trunks in Liyue do not drop wood after chopping.

As compared to the other woods in this list, getting Bamboo is definitely an easy task. The path to Qingce Village has a ton of Bamboo trees, and you just need to avoid hitting too many trees at once. Apparently, hitting multiple trees at once does not drop extra wood.

The Fragrant Cedar Wood is abundant in Mondstadt. You can teleport to Springvale and go Southwest from the Teleport Waypoint. These trees are very common in the area, and you can route farm them along the road going to Springvale.


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Lastly, there’s Fir Wood. Teleport to the North of Dragonspine and go Northeast from the Teleport Waypoint. There are many trees in the area, and you simply start chopping them without caring much about a route.

YouTuber TSoul22 showcased the farming routes for the seven types of woods in a recent video.


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From the looks of it, Genshin Impact finally has content that players can consume for months to come. miHoYo certainly has huge plans before Inazuma’s arrival, and the newly introduced housing system is just the first step in the right direction.

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