Genshin Impact: What Lies Beyond Floor 8 in the New Spiral Abyss?

Published 01/02/2021, 6:03 AM EST

Spiral Abyss is a portion of Genshin Impact that harnesses a nightmarish combination of enemies. Not only that, players also have to beat them under a precondition to secure 3 stars on each floor in order to win primo gems.


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The first eight floors of the abyss are mainly tutorial levels that prepare the players before they can take on the actual challenge that lies beyond. In update 1.2, Mihoyo has made changes to those nightmarish floors and here’s a look at all of them.


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The new Abyss floors of Genshin Impact are Frosty

The changes to the new Abyss floors 9 to 12 are rather interesting. You can clearly see a push to keep Geo characters in the mix to clear out the Abyss floors with the new buffs on the Abyss floors. It allows Hydro and Geo crystals to emanate shock waves of damage while also reducing the cooldown by a second of your on-field character’s elemental skill (E) for every crystal that is picked up.

Floor 9th

The first chamber of floor 9 is totally Cryo based that is repeated once again across all other chambers of this floor. On the first half of the third chamber, players will be greeted with the new enemy in Forst Lawachurl that could make things difficult.

Floor 10th

The 10th Floor is not different from the 9th, as it majorly contains Cryo enemies and the same pattern repeats all the way into the third chamber with only a single non-Cryo enemy in each chamber. Pyro team for the 10th and 9th floor is a great choice to farm out the primo gems from them.

Floor 11th

The floor 11th takes a different route as compared to the previous 2 floors. In the first chamber, players will have a wide variety of enemies. In the first half players will have to fight a Hydro Abyss mage, Large electro slime, Mutant electro slime, and a large hydro slime. The second half of this chamber will contain one Geo and One Pyro Mitachurls.

The second chamber of this floor is dominated by Hilichurls from pyro to electro and a sinlge geo, along with a couple of Mitachurls of Pyro and Geo element.

The Third Chamber contains a combination of Fatui agents in Hydro, Geo, Anemo, Electro, and Pyro enemies. The first half will have 3 skirmishers in Electrohammer, Hydrogunner and an Anemoboxer.

The second half will contain an Electro Cincin mage and Fatui Pyro Agent. Floor 11th is definitely going to be one of the hardest floors to clear, as the wide variety of elemental beings can disrupt a party composition.

Floor 12th

The final Spiral Abyss floor and its first half of the chamber will only have 1 Pyro Mitalchurl and 2 Geo enemies in Rockshield Hillachurl and a Mitachurl, while the other half is going to be a single Eye of the storm and a ruin guard.

The following chamber 2 of this floor will have human enemies in Treasure Hoarders and on the other half will have a single Fatui Pyro agent.

The first half of the final chamber will contain an Electro Cincin Mage, one Geo Mitachurl, One Pyro treasure Hoarder, and one Cryo Treasure Hoarder. The other half will have the final two remaining enemies in a single Fatui Pyro Agent and Geo Mitachurl.

Refer to the video below posted by a Youtuber Enviosity to learn more about other changes that have been to the game aside from the changes to spiral Abyss.


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The story quests and the side jobs can dry out pretty quickly and they can be bested quite easily. This is not the case with Spiral Abyss, as it exists to serve as the hardest content of the game. Players have to build their roster of characters accordingly to deal with the mobs that are present on these floors.

The chambers reset every 15 days from floor 9-12 offering primo gems as rewards, which explains why it serves as the hardest content of the game.


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Miohoyo expects the players to not just beat the mobs on these levels but dominate them on a routine base to earn primo gems that are stored behind these levels.

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