Williams F1 driver George Russell has been fairly hurt by the “hateful” Polish fans of teammate Robert Kubica. The British youngster put in impressive performances in his first season and had the measure of his much more experienced teammate. Prior to joining F1, he won the 2017 GP3 Series championship and the 2018 Formula 2 title. Sadly, he got the short end of the stick when he ended up stuck with ROKiT Williams Racing, by far the slowest team on the grid.

Despite the fact that Russell has consistently outperformed the 34-year-old, he has had to face immense criticism and even pure hate. Most of it comes from Kubica’s die-hard Polish fans, who insist that Russell gets better equipment and is their preferred driver.

George Russell
George Russell

According to Motorsport.com, Russell called out these fans and said, “It’s a little bit hurtful that 50% of the comments on my posts are hate from Polish supporters, whereas the other 50% is complete support for me. I mean, I do truly only care about the view from inside what Williams think of me, what Mercedes think of me. But you also want to be respected from outside. I’ve not come across anyone who’s disrespecting me, or giving any hate to me, who are not from Poland. So, I appreciate the situation and I can only hope one day I have fans as passionate as his.”

He has targeted a certain section of fans because they are the ones going at him hammer and tongs. Their hate is simply based on the fact that George Russell has been consistently beating his teammate.

Russell has outqualified Kubica in each race so far this season, and he has finished ahead of him in all but two. He has even lapped him in five of the 10 races in which he finished ahead of him.

However, because Kubica finished ahead of Russell at the German Grand Prix, these fans think that they are justified. Kubica finished in 10th place and scored the team’s first and only point of the season.

This has only resulted in more misguided hatred toward Russell, as these fans have taken this and run with it despite the fact that this 1-0 margin is perhaps the biggest misrepresentation among teammate battles in Formula 1 history.

Williams F1
George Russell

At the German Grand Prix itself, Williams cost Russell a potential top five finish. So even when Kubica beats Russell every once in a blue moon, it’s thanks to Williams’ poor calls.

Yet somehow these toxic fans believe that Russell is the prioritized driver when he has never needed any aid. The drivers even swapped chassis earlier this season, yet Russell still proceeded to beat Kubica in the next race, the Spanish Grand Prix.