George Russell’s Views On Williams’ Handling Differ From Those Of Robert Kubica

June 21, 2019 7:48 pm

Williams, it can be said, have endured what might be called the worst phase of their Formula 1 journey since the onset of the turbo-powered era. Their cars have been so utterly unreliable and flawed that to even term them as ‘mediocre’ would be to warrant a liberal tag on the quality and efficiency of these machines.

For starters, not a single Williams car-whether it’s of Kubica or Williams- has been able to even get underway where scoring some points is concerned. We are already 7 races done, staring down the barrel of round eight, about to go live shortly at Le Castellet.

That told, given the whole basket of problems, perceptibly emanating from a flawed car concept of the 2019 season, it suffices to say that Williams have marked a disastrous return for one of the most famous and experienced names on the grid in Robert Kubica.

Only recently did George Russell, who happens to be driving in his rookie season in the top echelons of F1, made some observations about the consistency and car-handling of the 2019 Williams car. And that said, the British driver’s views stood in somewhat opposition to the views offered by his more experienced teammate, Polish driver Robert Kubica.

Here’s what Russell had to share:

“In Monaco, the car was very stable and I was able to have some confidence, but in Canada, the feeling was gone.

“Serious differences in sensations even between sessions is our biggest problem,” he said at Paul Ricard. “In Barcelona, my time on Friday morning was better than qualifying!

“It’s frustrating when you suddenly lose a second a lap. It’s hard to come to terms with that.”

In addition to the above, the inexperienced British driver was also asked whether all the talk surrounding Kubica’s possible ouster– given that he’s driven a very poor season, thus far- could, in fact, be real?

To this, the 21-year-old driver had to say the following:

“I cannot confirm that!”

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