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Gerhard Berger Surprised F1 Still Has So Many Fans

Gerhard Berger Surprised F1 Still Has So Many Fans


Recent Liberty measures aimed at improving the show haven’t gone down well with the general public. Many have criticised their lack of direction and some point towards their increased ‘Americanization’ of the sport. In the latest list of critics is former F1 driver Gerhard Berger who has hit out at Liberty Media for failing to improve the show.

What I see are actions aimed at diverting attention,” Berger told France’s Auto Hebdo.

Take the ban on grid girls, or the ban on changing the colour of one’s helmet. Meanwhile, we fall asleep in front of the TV.

Liberty Media is trying to make the sport more attractive, but if the show on the track is not good, it is useless,” he added.

“Honestly, I’m surprised there are still so many fans.”

Berger, who now guides the Germany’s DTM Racing Series, earlier raced for McLaren and Ferrari and won 10 Grand Prix.

He also spoke of his former team, McLaren and its struggles in Formula One. He was there with the team between 1990 to 1992 partnering Ayrton Senna.

“It’s a bit painful for me to see what’s going on,” he admitted.

“Based on my experience, things do not work this way. Perhaps I’m wrong, but for the moment, progress is slow.

“It’s not my business but things are starting to get very complicated,” Berger added.

What lies next for F1 will only be visible when Liberty releases its plans for 2021. While earlier the changes were dubbed as radical, many aren’t happy with the roadmap Liberty have showcased so far. Even Aston Martin, which earlier had showcased its interest in coming as an engine supplier, have refused to increase their presence in the sport citing the Liberty roadmap of 2021.

There are reports of the Volkswagen group coming in F1 as well either via Porsche or Audi but all of it depends on how lucrative Liberty Media makes the sport with its planning for the future.


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