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Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster this Wimbledon

Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster this Wimbledon

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Amongst the most awaited events every year, Wimbledon has been the Mecca of tennis, with unparalleled history associated with it that  brings along an avalanche of emotions year on year.

This year too, emotions will be running high, as tennis fans over the world will wait with bated breaths, for their favorites to outperform the others.

ca. 2002, London, England, UK --- 2002 Wimbledon Champion Lleyton Hewitt --- Image by © Michael Cole/CORBIS
ca. 2002, London, England, UK — 2002 Wimbledon Champion Lleyton Hewitt — Image by © Michael Cole/CORBIS

The very last time that tennis’ very own Lleyton ‘Rusty’ Hewitt will step on the court – and he will do that against the world number one. Unlikely to win, it’d be his last match at the center court, where he once stood as the undisputed winner 13 years ago. He might just produce some of classic shots, like he did last year, to not only earn an applause from Novak but also bring the entire London crowd to their feet. An emotional, teary farewell is expected, to bid adieu to this great champion.

The Spanish El Matador, Rafa Nadal has hardly been tipped to even reach the second week. But if he does go on to reach the final and win miraculously, expect him and his huge support group to sink in a feeling so special, that it’d probably be greater than his 2008 triumph. Misty eyes are not synonymous with this player, but like his 2014 FO success which forced him to shed a tear, or his loss to Stan at Aus Open last year, expect him to make us all nostalgic if he does go on to win it.

It’s pretty easy to favor Serena to win this one too. Picking her final’s opponent though will be a tough task. However unlikely, if anyone else pulls up an upset, then perhaps the new Wimbledon champion is bound to let her emotions run free.

Many did grieve in 2012, when Andy broke down during his speech after losing to Federer in the final. He may not be on the winning side this year and one would have to try hard to prevent all those emotions running out from the eyes. Good luck with that!
After a gigantic battle last year Novak and Federer were both left in tears, the reason being unmatched joy from the victory for the Serb, and the sight of his gorgeous twin daughters for the Swiss. If Novak does manage to win this year too, it would be yet another emotional moment for fans.
But the man who can make many cry with him will be Roger Federer. If he does showcase his emotions (we don’t want 2009 to happen again for sure), get ready to witness the biggest fan base in the world to share his pain or what we ardently wish for -shed tears of joy after the champion kisses his love, the Wimbledon trophy!


Edited by Aashna Bakshi

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