Ghost of Tsushima Developers Reveal the Secret Behind Stunning Visuals

November 1, 2020 6:08 pm

Ghost of Tsushima is one of the best games that we’ve seen in 2020 so far and there are many reasons for it. It is a quintessential action-adventure game with engaging combat, a unique storyline, and an enormous map to explore. But there are several games that already offer all these things. So what makes Ghost of Tsushima everyone’s first choice? Well, it has brilliant visual designs, so much so, that the beauty of Ghost of Tsushima is the most compelling aspect of it.

In a recent PlayStation Blog post, Ian Jun Wei Chiew talked about the concept art process in their game.

The concept art process for the protagonist of Ghost of Tsushima

Set in 1274, Ghost of Tsushima is the story of a Japanese Samurai during the Mongol invasion of the country. The developers could complete the appearances of their characters only after thorough research of the Kamakura Era, Japanese culture, old Samurai films, and the Invasion of Tsushima.

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The protagonist of the story, Jin, has a multi-colored personality, and the developers had to plan his look accordingly. They had to incorporate his transition from the honorable Samurai to the new dishonored Samurai. And for that, they included detailed patterns and conventional armor plates.

Being an open-world game, it was very important that the protagonist connected to the surroundings at all times. Wind is a constant component of the atmosphere, and there are specific outfits that respond to the wind with the help of capes and tassels.

The developers designed every outfit with the clear intention of enhancing the realism of the game. Without a doubt, they’ve been successful in doing so.

“In the early drawing boards for Jin, we knew that we needed someone that can fulfill the fantasy of hiding in the shadows. But still having a look that feels like it was inspired by some of his samurai armor and aesthetic.”

“Realistic is not the word we like using here,”- developers on the game’s environment

Owing to its setting, it was the primary responsibility of the developers to make the game feel ancient and equally expressive at the same time. Only after brainstorming for several hours did the team finalize the game’s maps, environment, and color setting.

Moreover, there is limited information on the Kamakura era. As a result, the developers had to step up their research in order to maintain the authenticity of their game.

“‘Realistic’ is not a word we like using here. Our goal was to make sure the game had a sense of style, even though we were making a historical epic.”

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Making a game as beautiful as Ghost of Tsushima is not an effortless task by any means. The creative team at Sucker Punch Studios has set a new benchmark in visual designs for the gaming industry. Also, the PlayStation users should feel lucky that they’re able to enjoy the game exclusively. Fans look forward to continuing their Ghost of Tsushima journey on the next-gen PS5.

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