Gilles Simon Claims ‘There Isn’t and There Won’t Be’ Any Bubble at US Open 2020

September 2, 2020 7:33 pm

The curious case of Benoit Paire’s Coronavirus positive test sent a wave of unrest across the ‘bio-secure bubble’ at the US Open 2020. Players and others living in the bubble are confused as to how Benoit Paire caught the bug inside the bubble. Meanwhile, Paire’s countryman Gilles Simon rubbished the concept of a bubble itself.

Simon said that he was not one of the French players to have come in close contact with Paire. 11 players were said to have come in close contact with Paire before he was tested positive. He then went on to say that there is ‘no bubble’ at the US Open 2020.

Gilles Simon does not believe in the bubble at US Open 2020

“If I was in the bubble, there was the whole tournament in the bubble. I think we have to stop talking about the bubble. In fact, there isn’t and there won’t be,” Simon said after his first-round win.

“It must simply be said that each tournament will do its utmost to reduce the risk of contamination,” Gilles Simon added.

On the same lines, Simon added, “That means that from A to Z, we are not going to meet a person from the outside and this is not the case. Everyone knows when they come that we can unfortunately have it (the virus). You know that if you are positive your tournament is over.”

Issues with lack of clarity on rules

Simon then joined the chorus of players who questioned organizers regarding the clarity of rules. The 11 players in question are allowed to play the event, just days after Hugo Dellien and Guido Pella were removed from the draw as their trainer tested positive.

What is complicated to manage is more the COVID contact clause which looks very random, even arbitrary, and which can ruin your life for two weeks. That side hadn’t been cleared up at all before, it is a little frustrating,” Simon expressed.

Paire himself also took a shot at the organizers over the bubble issue, calling it fake. The organizers hit back at Paire’s claims, saying that he did not follow the health protocols in place.

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