Gina Schumacher pays Father Michael the Perfect Tribute Through Horse Riding

By 8 months ago

It is a well-known fact that Mick Schumacher is slated to be the next big thing in motorsports. The youngster is already in Formula 2 for this season, and is a part of the Ferrari Driver Academy. However, while Mick and his cousin, David are tearing up the tracks, sister Gina Schumacher is busy tearing up the equestrian fields.

During a recent horse-riding competition, the 22-year old Gina took the opportunity to pay tribute to her father. The German legend continues his recovery from a skiing accident six years ago, in the privacy of his Switzerland home.

Coming back to Gina Schumacher, she galloped out to perform her routine, with ACDC’s Thunderstruck blaring in the background. What was special about this particular routine was that she was clad in a Ferrari suit, complete with a replica of Michael’s helmet as well. Meanwhile, her horse was also dress to resemble a Ferrari Formula One car with a rear wing attached to the saddle.

She seemingly took the words ‘Prancing Horse’ a bit too literally and she nailed the routine. What drove the crowd even wilder was when Gina Schumacher pulled in for a ‘pitstop’ to change the tyres.

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The attention to detail was incredible and the tribute went off beautifully, though it was not known whether she won.

Gina Schumacher inherited her love of horses from her mother, Corinna, and Michael whole-heartedly supported the decision. When she spoke to She Magazine, Gina Schumacher said that Michael told her, ‘When you drive a car, you can stick it in the garage afterwards. But a horse needs to be looked after all the time, even on Sundays.’

According to Gina Maria Schumacher, horse-riding helped her cope with the accident. Now, Gina has become an incredibly successful rider, winning multiple competitions over the years, including the FEI World Reining Championships in Switzerland in 2017.

In February 2018, she won a gold medal at the National Reining Horse Association’s novice Cavalli and she topped World Championships for junior riders in 2018.

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