Glitch Takes Players To New Locations In Fortnite

September 4, 2020 10:00 pm

When it comes to bugs and glitches, every new season of Fortnite presents something unique. In Chapter 2, players have witnessed game-breaking glitches that range from unlimited victories to entangled emotes. Epic Games takes measures as soon as players report about these bugs. However, players get a substantial amount of time to take advantage of them. 

A new storm bug has appeared in Chapter 2, Season 4 where players inevitable get sucked into a vortex. Likewise, another glitch takes players to a whole new location. Epic Games likes to place little clues here and there to unfold their plan. The storyline up until now is quite complex. Thus, these glitches can be a way to give small glimpses of what is about to follow.

This season with the Marvel collaboration, things are shaping up to resemble Chapter 1, Season X. The mysterious characters named the Seven might make a return this season. 

Topping it off, there might be the inclusion of more Marvel heroes towards the end of the season. This naturally means that a lot of glitches in the game, can be taken as hints. 

New location discovered in Fortnite glitch

u/Xientraa posted a clip on Reddit which showed how this glitch/bug functioned. In the video we see that the player is teleported right away from his location to outside the storm. However, one interesting thing happened along the way. When the player finally reached the location on water, the game showed ‘New Location Discovered.’

This new location showed the name ‘Fortilla.’ Several players commented on the post saying that this might help with the XP too. Players are speculating that this glitch takes place when one activates the Groot Bramble Shield. The community has seen several other glitches related to it.

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The storm bug and how players are taking advantage

u/NotAFoxInDisguise posted another video showing how he teleported from the edge of the storm. Players can take advantage of this trick if they play it right with enough fishes.

The community has been taking advantage of the mythic weapons in squads. The cooldown time for any mythic weapon is player specific. Thus, using and then dropping it for one’s teammate seems like a good option right now. 

Similarly, the storm glitch takes people out of the storm. This can be a good way to avoid end game fights and play floppers if they have it in their inventory. There is always a way to get a way around these glitches. 

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