“Go Back to College” – Benoit Paire Hits Back at Criticism for Throwing Tennis Racquet

July 29, 2020 9:52 pm

Emotions and Benoit Paire go hang in hand on the tennis court. Often it’s seen that the French player loses his cool and does something he wouldn’t be proud of. Notably, he has received fines for breaking racquets at various tournaments.

Paire is currently participating in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown’s second season. A league created by super coach Patrick Mouratoglou. Paire was playing his match against Fernando Verdasco. And was unhappy with his play and so threw his racquet towards the audience area. But thankfully there is no crowd.

Benoit Paire Reaction

But off-court as well Paire was harsh. A twitter user had tweeted the video of Paire throwing his racquet and that offended the Frenchmen. The user taunted Paire’s antics on the court and meant that Paire is a bad influence for the upcoming generation of tennis players.

“Great. What a great example for young people. The future of tennis looks bright” a tweeter user tweeted (tweets and quotes have been translated from French using Google translate)

Paire replied to the tweet. And threw a few jabs at the fan as well. Asking him to go back to college and learn how to write.

“Go back to college, learn to write because I’m not sure you’re setting a good example for young people” Paire replied back

Benoit Paire can sometimes become steamy and go on a rant. He often breaks racquets in anger.

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Last year in an interview with L’equipe, Paire talked about his on-court attitude. He says people are waiting for him to break his racket. And Paire exclaimed that it doesn’t take him much effort to stay calm.

“The attitude has been good for a long time. I know people are waiting for me to blow a racket. I stay focused on the match and I won’t let go. But the attitude, I don’t even talk about it anymore because it’s been a while, it’s been good and we must continue on this path. And it doesn’t take a lot of effort from me to stay calm and focused.” Paire said

There are quite a few hotheads on the tour like Nick Kyrgios and Fabio Fognini. This is just how they play and react to emotions.

Source: L’equipeTwitter

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