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God of War Creative Director Calls for Hike in Video Game Prices

God of War Creative Director Calls for Hike in Video Game Prices

Moving into the next generation of gaming, we can see a clear indication that video game titles are going to get more expensive. This also includes the price of next generational consoles and in-game purchases. We recently learned that NBA 2K21 is going to be priced at $69.99 for Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. This clearly hints at the fact of how gaming companies and console industries have an interlinked plan. If one wants the next generational gaming experience, they have to pay the right amount. 

It is not just about the next generational experience. The price range for games, including in-game purchases, has seen a hike. However, gaming experts say that it has always been the same. Thus, this minor change in price range doesn’t change the reality of the gaming industry.

Hike in video game prices 

With the turn of the decade, it was a given fact that prices would increase. Several prominent game developers and directors have spoken up about this gradual transition. There are a few variables one has to consider here. With PS5 and Xbox Series X, gamers are going for the next era-defining console. Various other game publishers are considering following the plan of 2K.

Cory Balrog tweeted about how the game’s initial price is still understandable compared to the microtransactions afterward. The entire esports industry is changing in a big way, and one has to level up for keeping up with it. We have also seen how microtransaction prices in popular games like Valorant, COD, Apex Legends has gradually increased.

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2020 is going to be the big esports revolution

With the two big consoles coming out this year, all the big gaming industries have made their marketing and sales plans. The price hike is a definite but not sudden part of it. The industry insiders started saying that games have been at the same price for a long time. It’s time to increase the range.

It is a situation that we, as a community, have to accept the inevitable. This can be clearly seen in the Special Edition version of NBA 2K21, with a $99.99 price.

What are your thoughts about price hikes with respect to next-gen consoles and games?

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