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Golden Boot Given By King Kenny to Suarez

Golden Boot Given By King Kenny to Suarez

Suarez, who scored 31 goals in 37 games for Liverpool last season, was handed the award by former manager Kenny Dalglish at a ceremony in Barcelona on Wednesday afternoon.The Uruguayan had initially requested that Brendan Rodgers hand over the award. But the current Reds’ boss was unable so Suarez choose the man who signed him from Ajax in January 2011 Kenny Dalglish.
For Reds it would have been better had he been stayed at the club for a season or two. Suarez will share the prize with Real Madrid’s Cristiano Ronaldo, having both reached the same amount of league goals last term.
KOP Legend Dalglish,did the honors at the ceremony in Barcelona,
“I wouldn’t have won this trophy if it wasn’t for the teammates” he said while addressing.
Dalglish who was one of the best in the box during his time saw a lot of potential in Suarez and is remembered along with him as great number 7’s of Liverpool
Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard, speaking via a video message, added: “I’m sorry I can’t be with Luis today, but I would like to congratulate him from everyone here at Liverpool. You were a magical player at Liverpool. Barça are lucky. Good luck for the future, mate. We miss you very much, all the best.”

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