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Race for the Golden Glove

Race for the Golden Glove

Two match weeks are left, there’s a battle between the goalkeepers that’s brewing. The race for the Premier League golden glove will once again go down to the wire, with 5 keepers that have a realistic chance of taking this prize.  A look at each of the remaining candidates, and their likelihood of winning the top prize for goalkeepers in the Premier League.  This season, could even see the award being shared between 4 Keepers.

The order of the contenders, appear in ascending order of winning.

Hugo Lloris (Tottenham Hotspurs F.C.)

Clean Sheets: 13
Remaining Fixtures:  Newcastle United (A)

Tottenham are set for their best ever league finish since 1990. The team, took a few seasons to build but has now a competent core to challenge. Hugo Lloris was one of the first additions to the side, making his debut back in 2012. Since then, he’s been one of the top keepers in the league. This time, he has a strong and reliable centre back partnership in front of him.

Lloris, has been a key player in Tottenham's resurgence.
Lloris, has been a key player in Tottenham’s resurgence.

However, off late, their form has faltered, and the defence had conceded a couple of sloppy goals that cost them the title and Lloris’s ambition of winning the Golden Glove. His only chance to reach the tally of 14 Clean Sheets, is keeping clean sheets in the next match, and hope all of his competitors fail to do so.

Newcastle United, which is locked into a relegation battle, would no doubt come out all guns blazing. The Tyneside club, needs all the points it can get, and will be boosted by the fact that they have beaten the Spurs.

The most likely event is a clean sheet against Newcastle, to take his tally to 14, but it would not be enough to win the Golden Glove.

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