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Golden State Warriors Player Opens Up on why Mark Jackson was Ousted

Golden State Warriors Player Opens Up on why Mark Jackson was Ousted

Golden State Warriors

Recently, Golden State Warriors player, Andre Iguodala spoke on a variety of subjects. Among them, he mentioned that former coach, Mark Jackson was by far his favourite. However, that comment raised another big question, if he was one of the best, why was he ousted?

In addition to being let go from the Golden State Warriors, Jackson never got the opportunity to work again. Iguodala revealed that the short answer was the political game.

He said, “Playing a part. But if that’s not really you, you can’t really play the politics game, and I think it was a lot of that. Like, we were huge fans of Mark — the players — he was the ultimate players’ coach. He was one of my favorite coaches of all time.”

“Like, he said Steph and Klay was gonna be the best backcourt ever, and they said he was crazy. This was seven years ago, and it came to fruition. But it was just the politics of it, man.”

When asked for clarification, namely, if Jackson’s religious beliefs played a role, the Golden State Warriors player denied it.

Iguodala continued, “No, he didn’t make us go to church. But he offered it to us. And we’ve got a team of a bunch of believers, so we went to church. We was going to church regardless. So, it was the politics. And once they want you out, they’re gonna find something.”

Then the bombshell dropped, the real reason for Jackson’s exit from the Golden State Warriors, was due to a falling out with chief operating officer Rick Welts. As it turned out, Welts was openly homosexual, which conflicted with Jackson’s views on the subject.

Since Mark Jackson was unable to accept the idea of homosexuality, his rapport with the Golden State Warriors feel into a serious decline. His alleged affair with a stripper did not help his case either. Iguodala still firmly believes that Jackson was ‘blackballed’ by the NBA.

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