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Warriors Star Stephen Curry Talks about his Return from Injury

Warriors Star Stephen Curry Talks about his Return from Injury

Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry came out to talk in public since his injury a few days back. It was earlier speculated that he might not be seen on the court for the Golden State Warriors again this season. On contrary to it, Curry said that he expects to play again this season.

Curry, 31, said that the involvement of nerves in the injury is making the process “tricky.”

“With surgery, I’ve been told there’s always potential for nerve to be irritated,” he said as per Anthony Slater of The Athletic. “I had a little bit of that. That’s why it too so long for the real diagnosis because I had to do so many tests because that was one of the symptoms when it happened. Nerves are tricky.”

“They can come back quickly or over a sustained amount of time. But again, with surgery and swelling and all that type of stuff, it’s a possibility.m It is something to monitor as we go through that process. When you are dealing with hands, that’s where it gets tricky.”

Warriors have won only two out of theirĀ  games so far this season, and a lot will depend on the return of Curry.

In absence of Curry and other star players, the likes of D’Angelo Russell and rookie Eric Paschall show some positives, but the Warriors might need more to salvage anything meaningful from the season.

Although Curry said that he was looking forward to playing again this season, from his words and from the rehabilitaion process involved, it does not feel that his return will be in anytime in the near future. He continued saying he will need to go through a second procedure in December and will not be travelling a lot.

“Part of rehab, I have to get a second procedure done, beginning of December probably, remove some of the pins they put in there,” he said. So swelling is going to be of utmost priority early in the rehab process, to give me a chance to come back and get my range of motion pretty quickly.”

“So, travelling is not in my cards right now. Hopefully, when the New Year hits, I’ll be able to be on the road and progress quickly in terms of things I can do on the court and inthe weight room and be able to be around the team as much as I can.”

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