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5 Interesting Golf Facts About Olympic Legend Michael Phelps

Published 06/27/2022, 8:00 PM EDT

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Michael Phelps is the king of swimming! His record number of medals, 28 in total, in the Olympic Games is proof of that. However, swimming is not the only sport he is interested in. 

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The 23-time Olympic gold medal winner started showing interest in golf when he first announced his retirement from competitive swimming in 2012. Although Phelps started playing golf, he had to put a pause in between as he decided to make a comeback to his main sport. Notably, he brushed up his golf skills and started playing again as he finally retired from swimming. 


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The world of sports knows the diet, the records, and everything he did to be the greatest swimmer of all time. However, they don’t know much about his golf-related facts. Here are the five interesting golf facts about the world-renowned swimmer. 

1. Custom-made golf clubs

Even though professional golfers often use custom-made clubs, it is rare to see the amateurs using them. On the contrary, Phelps has a pair of clubs that are customized to his liking. 

His Scotty Cameron Newport Timeless SSS custom putter has ‘GOLD MEDALS’ on the back bumpers. The face of the putter has his initials carved with the American flag color theme. Notably, according to Phelps, he intends to customize it more. 


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Moreover, his Milled Grind 2 wedge has the Olympics emblem and the 28 stars carved on it. The 28 stars represent his 28 Olympic medals. 

2. Michael Phelps doesn’t use fairway wood! 

Yes! You heard it right folks! Instead of the fairway wood, Phelps uses the PXG 0811X Gen driver, followed by a PXG 0317X Gen2 17-degree hybrid. Interestingly, just like he is a fast swimmer, his swings are fast too, and his driver helps him do just that. 

3. He uses huge grips!

Michael Phelps is not of a typical height. He stands at 6 feet 4 inches long and has enormous hands. As a result, he has to use big grips, unlike the other golfers. 

Notably, the 36-year-old uses the Golf Pride’s CP2 Wrap Jumbo grips for all his clubs. 

4. The Olympian is a rule-obedient golfer 

Phelps doesn’t play professionally, but he plays by the rules. According to the golf rules, the golfer cannot move his ball after he hit it from the tee, and the ball has to be played as it lies. And the world-class swimmer does just that. 

5. Michael Phelps has different types of head covers 


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The pride of America has two French Bulldogs named Juno and Legend as pets. And as a bulldog lover, he has a bulldog head cover for his driver. 

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Moreover, ever since he played in the Ryder Cup celebrity match in 2018, he has had a Team USA Ryder Cup head cover. He keeps it on his hybrid. 


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Did you like the interesting golf facts about the professional swimmer turned golf enthusiast?

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