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After 3X Major Winner, Another Legend Joins Hands In Voicing a Major Change In Golf

Published 05/30/2023, 9:00 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

In the fast-paced world of golf, where precision and strategy reign supreme, two influential figures have recently forged an unexpected alliance. They have come together with a shared vision, a vision that challenges the status quo and promises to revolutionize the sport as we know it.

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With their unparalleled expertise and passion for the game, these two legends have joined forces to champion a major change that has the potential to transform the golfing landscape forever.

A bold collaboration to tackle an issue that plagues golf


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In a remarkable turn of events, another golfing legend has joined forces with a three-time major winner to advocate for a significant transformation in the sport. Thomas Bjorn, a highly acclaimed Danish golfer, has aligned himself with Padraig Harrington’s proposal for a major change that could reshape the landscape of golf as we know it.

The topic at hand is none other than the prevalent issue of slow play, which has garnered widespread attention and criticism in recent months. Following in the footsteps of notable figures, Harrington took to social media to express his unique perspective on the matter. However, what truly caught the attention of fans and experts alike was Bjorn’s unexpected endorsement of Harrington’s viewpoint. “I agree with this,” he wrote, “I was skeptical but it works.”


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Bjorn claims to now be speaking from experience, considering he wasn’t sure if the idea would work. The Danish star undoubtedly took to the green to test out the method, and now he has given it his stamp of approval! By embracing Harrington’s proposal, Bjorn joins the likes of Brooks Koepka and Matt Fitzpatrick and adds his voice to a collective call for change, highlighting the urgent need to address the issue of slow play!


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Harrington’s simple yet elegant solution for slow play

Harrington, a seasoned veteran on the PGA Tour, recently shared his revelation on Twitter. Having experienced the benefits of using a range finder during the PGA Championship and Senior PGA Championship, he firmly believes that incorporating these devices into all tournaments can significantly enhance the pace of play. The range finder’s ability to accurately measure yardages, especially in challenging situations, offers a practical solution for speeding up the game.

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via Reuters

With Bjorn’s agreement, their partnership adds further weight to Harrington’s proposal. This unexpected alliance underscores the importance of embracing technological advancements while preserving the sport’s integrity and core values. The golfing world eagerly awaits the response of other players, officials, and tournament organizers to this dynamic duo’s call for change.


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