‘Aged like Milk’: Incredibly RARE Photo of Golf Legend Lee Trevino Triggers Massive Nostalgia Among Fans

Published 11/29/2022, 12:11 AM EST
Lee Trevino of the U.S. in the practice range at the Ritz-Carlton Golf Club, Orlando, U.S. – December 19 REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Lee Trevino once said an iconic line after undergoing a major unfortunate incident. Recently, his quote and a rare picture of him in his pro days went viral on Twitter.

Trevino remains one of golf’s legendary players. His legacy is probably insurmountable and his dedication to the game of golf is unparalleled.

Lee Trevino and his classic photo got fans excited


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The retired American professional golfer, Lee Trevino, holds a place in every golf fan’s heart. Young or otherwise, everyone remembers Lee’s legacy, for it his name is engraved on the Walls of the World Golf Hall of Fame since 1981.


‘The Electricity Stopped My Heart’: Lee Trevino Once Explained How He Survived a Lightning Strike

about 1 year ago

Trevino is regarded as one of the greatest players the game of golf has ever seen. He remains to be an inspiration and icon for all of us. He particularly represents the Mexican American community in the world of golf. Popularly known as ‘The Merry Mex’ and ‘Supermex’, Lee won hearts back in his day and still remains close to the game through his words.

Lee once made an iconic quote that takes rounds in the world of golf to date. He said, “If you’re golfing in a storm and afraid of lightning, hold up a 1-iron. Not even god can hit a 1-iron.”

Dec 18, 2021; Orlando, Florida, USA; Lee Trevino bites into a ball during the first round of the PNC Championship golf tournament at Grande Lakes Orlando Course. Mandatory Credit: Jeremy Reper-USA TODAY Sports| Courtesy: Reuters

Interestingly, Trevino said these lines after recovering from being struck by lightning, literally. The retired professional golfer was struck by lightning during the 1975 Western Open at Butler National in Oak Brook, Illinois.

The incident stopped his heart for a short while. It nearly killed Trevino but he still fought all odds and got back to the game when he chose to say the legendary lines.

How did fans react to Trevino and his famous quote?

Fans on Twitter were quick to react. Twitter World was filled with back-to-back reactions on coming across this nostalgic yet forever applicable news. The golf world turned into a frenzy after watching the rare photo of the golfing legend. Some of the fans also drew interesting comparisons of the quote.


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