Anthony Kim Was Almost Lured by Jay Monahan’s PGA Tour? LIV Golfer Says, ‘They Did Reach Out’

Published 04/02/2024, 3:44 PM EDT

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Anthony Kim, the former golf prodigy who recently returned to professional play with LIV Golf, has had mixed opinions on his comeback. His comeback after 12 years caused a stir in the golfing community, and more so, his choice of league to return to When he officially switched to LIV, people might have wondered if Kim ever considered going on the tour with which he started. After all, his journey on the PGA Tour was a success story in itself.

Anthony Kim won three times on the PGA Tour before turning 25 during his spectacular ascent in the early 2000s, earning him analogies to the great Tiger Woods. However, in 2012, he abruptly left the sport due to injuries and personal issues. Now that he is officially a LIV golfer, Kim mentioned that he once thought about returning home but did not after weighing his options.

Anthony Kim was contacted by the PGA Tour


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Kim disclosed in a recent interview with David Feherty that he wasn’t very certain he would join LIV. Speaking about the PGA Tour as an option, Kim said, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any interest.” Kim claimed that he was contacted by the PGA Tour as he said, “They did reach out about the possibility of me playing on the PGA Tour again.” The offer gave him a compelling choice between the new and lucrative world of LIV Golf and the comfortable terrain of the PGA Tour. Kim went on to explain his thought process, stating, “I weighed both options.”

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After Kim weighed in both options, LIV looked like a better option, which may be because of the financial perks that would come along with playing in the Saudi-funded league. He laid down that he did not want to take unnecessary risks, as he has done before, and referred to himself as “a bit more calculated.”


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“Through all this experience, I have learned that as much as you try to make good decisions in your life, you still need to be true to who you are,” Kim said. The golfer might be referring to the past life he has had, where he was deemed to be a party animal and even had some troubles with addiction. After spending some time with “scam artists,” the golfer may want to keep LIV money a priority over the undisclosed PGA Tour offer details.

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Taking risks is surely part of the game, and the golfer wishes to take risks as he continues his journey. “I am going to keep taking risks as I go on,” he confirmed, hinting at a future still poised for exciting possibilities.


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How has Kim been performing so far?

In the two events he has played so far as a wildcard, his comeback hasn’t gone as smoothly as many had hoped. Kim’s performance after joining LIV Golf has been poor. In his first tournament in Jeddah, he finished last. He jumped up four spots and finished in the 50th spot in the Hong Kong event.

Before he officially returned to the professional greens, Kim had restored everyone’s faith in his abilities earlier by making ten birdies in a row in one of the gamble games. So, as one can see, there is hope for the future.


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He will be returning to play in America after twelve years at the Miami event, and all the eyes will surely be on him! It remains to be seen if the golfer will fight strongly for a hefty paycheck or end up at the bottom of the leaderboard.

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