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The iconic Wentworth Golf Club in Surrey witnessed a press conference yesterday that captured the heart of the sports community. Starting on 14 September, DP World Tour’s BMW PGA Championship is all set to go on grounds with many Ryder Cup European team players being a part of this prestigious event.

Among them is reigning Masters champion, Jon Rahm, who addressed various topics ranging from the Ryder Cup to his anticipation for the upcoming BMW PGA Championship. With many veteran players missing from Team Europe this year, does the Spaniard miss some of his comraderies?

Rahm opens up about the absence of veteran Sergio Garcia in Ryder Cup

In the interview on 13th September ahead of the BMW PGA Championship, PGA Tour star Jon Rahm opened up about the upcoming Ryder Cup and hinted at possible changes the future might hold.

When queried about the role of vice-captains in the backdrop of recent divisions in golf and the potential inclusion of seasoned players like Sergio Garcia representing Europe, Rahm responded enthusiastically, “I think it would be really stupid of anybody not to lean on Sergio García’s experience in the Ryder Cup. I mean, he is the best player Europe has ever had, won the most points and has shown it time and time again.”

He continued, “If he were able to be a vice-captain, I absolutely would lean on him. Same as we are going to lean on Ollie this coming Ryder Cup, right? When it comes to the game and all those players being able to be back, it’s been a difficult time. Obviously, things have changed a little bit. I wouldn’t know how to answer because we are going to have to see if it’s possible or not, right.”

Hinting at the $3B LIV Golf merger he stated, “I think with [sic] this agreement or this possible union between the PGA TOUR, DP World, and PIP might change things a little bit. So until then, it’s hard to really give you an answer.”

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Jon Rahm is looking forward to this week

Away from Ryder Cup politics, Rahm was also enthusiastic about the upcoming BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth Golf Club, a venue where he’s previously showcased stellar performances. When questioned about the correlation between the BMW PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup, Rahm clarified that while performing well at Wentworth might not guarantee success at the Ryder Cup, it surely provides a fitting pressure test for players.

As the golf world turns its attention to Wentworth, Jon Rahm’s passion for the game and respect for its legends, like Sergio Garcia, resonates deeply. The anticipation for both the BMW PGA Championship and the Ryder Cup promises thrilling times ahead for golf enthusiasts.

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