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‘Can Barely Move’: Golf World Reacts to Former POTUS Donald Trump’s Latest Golf Swing

Published 05/26/2023, 1:54 AM EDT

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Golf has always been a sport that captivates enthusiasts around the world! The sport has seen many notable figures take to its courses. Of them, perhaps only a few can rival the attention generated by former President Donald Trump. Renowned for his love of golf, Trump’s presence on a course is always a topic of interest and discussion among fans. And this time was no different!

Whether it’s his swing, technique, or overall performance, the “old-timer” continues to evoke a mix of admiration and criticism. The golfing world is abuzz with opinions about Trump’s prowess on the fairways, making him a subject of fascination and curiosity for golf enthusiasts everywhere.

Donald Trump: A swing that sparks debate


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In a recent video tweeted by Sharla McBride, former President Donald Trump was seen teeing off at the LIV Washington ProAm at one of his own courses, the Trump National Golf Club. The clip of his golf swing quickly drew a range of reactions from fans across social media platforms.

Some fans couldn’t help but appreciate Trump’s golf skills, focusing on the technical aspects of his swing. There were also those who were simply impressed by the elegance and form displayed in his swing.


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Given Trump’s age, some fans marveled at his level of athleticism. However, not all reactions were positive. A few fans took a more critical stance, suggesting that Trump’s competitive nature might overshadow fair play.

While evaluating Trump’s golf skills, some fans couldn’t help but focus on his physical limitations.

Reacting to Trump’s presence on the fairways

In addition to the golf-related comments, there were also reactions focused on the publicity generated by the video. Some fans recognized the promotional value of featuring a former president playing in a golf tournament.

As with any news involving Trump, there were also individuals who expressed their frustration and disinterest in hearing about him.

Given Trump’s age, one fan even marveled at his level of athleticism.


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Among the fan comments, a prevalent theme revolves around suspicions of cheating, with one claiming that the former POTUS would do anything to win!


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Trump’s presence on the golf course, as always, continues to evoke diverse reactions from fans. Whether they admire his swing, question his sportsmanship, or view his appearances as valuable publicity, one thing remains clear: the former President’s involvement in golf will always be a hot topic of discussion and garner strong emotions and opinions among the golfing community and beyond.

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