‘Can’t Stand the Whole US vs the European S**t’: Weeks Before the Ryder Cup, an Unpopular Notion Creates Polarized Opinion Among Golf Netizens

Published 09/09/2023, 12:00 PM EDT

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With only a few weeks left for the Ryder Cup to spread its wings on Italian soil, the atmosphere in the golf world is already thick with speculations, opinions, and judgments. These have especially soared after both the US and the European teams have locked in their 12-man roster.

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Hence, it is not surprising to witness unpopular stances and controversial judgments swirling viral on the internet. One such opinion has attracted massive attention from golf followers with a clear divide on the debated topic.

Ryder Cup traversing through an unpopular opinion


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The platform Reddit often witnesses the rawest side of public opinion. However, not all perspectives are shared by the masses. One such unpopular point of view gained enormous attention from the golf world, highlighting the unnecessary hype for the Ryder Cup from his perspective.

His post seemed quite focused on the idea of the Ryder Cup getting more attention than it deserves. He rather harshly wrote, “It sucks and can’t stand the whole U.S. vs. the European shit.” The disapproval seemed to be surrounding the unstoppable rise in the news around the 2-team tournament.


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The upload also drew the attention of the audience to the fact that the Ryder Cup in its essence does not relate to the individual aspect of the game. Few spectators came forth to share their own dissatisfaction with the tournament and its rules. One of them pointed out how even though the stated opinion is unpopular, he doesn’t completely disagree with the line of thought.

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He called out the “silly” factors related to the event. He deemed his displeasure with the presence of Captains, followed by a ridiculous idea of the picks from the Captain alongside the unrequired advent of Nationalism in the non-team sport. Another fan added how something similar to the Soccer World Cup would have been better, or at least an event between the continents.

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Per him, the inclusion of just 2 sides reduces the fun of the game, as with the exception of Africa and Antarctica, all 5 continents have equally good players. Nonetheless, all the major outlooks sided with the Ryder Cup still being a likable watch. With it being a source of entertainment to all, fans could not help but display their love for the rare team event in the game of golf.

Paying no attention to the ridicule, the golf world votes Ryder Cup as the “best event”

One fan was so stunned by the ridicule that he went on to write: “best event [Ryder Cup] in golf.” Some of the fans seemed to be more direct in their approach when it came to calling out the user for his words. One of the netizens, particularly, pointed out how the team event was so fulfilling.

This was especially true because the game for the rest of the season is mostly non-team-oriented. Another argument put forth by a golf enthusiast was that the liking toward Ryder Cup was prominently based on taste, and there was no requirement to say that the event “s**ks”. This also drew out a justification for the terms that Ryder Cup has evolved over the years.


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One of the Redditors mentioned how the biennial event has turned from an “exhibition “ to “teams out for blood”. Thus, highlighting the emotions it evokes within individuals who play as well as watch the game. The evidence of the same was quite clear when recently the American team landed in Rome.

In no time, fans all across the world flooded the comment section with their chants of “Bring it on!!”, thus showcasing the spirit of patriotism it kindles within the masses. With that, what do you think about the coveted Ryder Cup? Do you agree with the unpopular thought process of the fan or align with the spirit of nationalism through the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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