Charley Hull’s Blast From the Past Invites a Surprising Comparison to This Iconic Scottish Golfer

Published 08/18/2023, 6:56 AM EDT

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The past weekend was both exciting and disappointing for Charley Hull, because of her performance at the AIG Women’s Open. The English golfer had mixed feelings about finishing second in the tournament held at Walton Heath. She shared her disappointment with her performance in the tournament and this entire year.

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Now, it looks like the 27-year-old has found some motivation from one of her videos from the past. She had recently shared a video of her from when she was about 7 years old playing on a swing. The video has generated some warm comments, and it showcases the admiration she derives from her fans. And one comment interestingly compared the young Hull to an iconic Scottish golfer that you will never guess. 

Hull’s swing grabs attention and invites an unexpected comparison


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In the video, a young Charley Hull is indoors, and she shoots the ball with a neat swing. The focus and zest she carries as she plays the shot make the viewers watch the video again and adore the star. The comment section proved just this.

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Referring to finishing second in two major championships in the same year, Hull had recently spoken about her determination to win a title next year. She swore she would make her hands bleed with practice. One fan made a callback to this statement, “Did 7 year old Charley hit ‘em till her hands bled??


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Another fan commented on her shoes from the video. She had worn a pair of black open-toed shoes with white socks under them. “Gotta love the shoes!” the fan said.

Moving on to the intriguing comparison, a fan compared her swing to that of the veteran Scottish golfer Colin Montgomerie. “Big @colinmontgomerie vibes with that swing.” It makes sense considering how they both favor full swings that are smooth and rhythmic. 

Hull’s perfect swing received a few more praises in the comment section:

Better swing than most adults”

“Great swing even then 👏”

There were some comments that expressed admiration and adoration that could move anyone. These comments showed how much hope Hull’s fans have for her and her potential victories.

Hull receives enough motivation to make big wins next year


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A fan had commented, “At this moment, she knew she was tour bound.” And the commenter was right. The determination in her swing shone brightly, even at that young age. Admirably, her strength and power have remained through the years and have evolved with her.

“No wonder you’re one of the worlds best with a swing & impact position at such a young age. Keep smashing it.” This was another fan taking the superlative to describe Hull’s charisma on and off the course. 

After finishing four times this year, including two majors, Hull is all set to set her hands on her first title. Should she proceed with the same energy and enthusiasm she displays now, it seems likely. With the support of her fans, we wish her the best in her mission.


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Did you watch the video? What were your first thoughts on seeing it? Let us know in the comments below.

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