‘Copying the LIV Tour’: Fans Brutally Bash PGA Tour’s $20M Event After Extreme Conditions Adversely Affect the Game

Published 02/04/2024, 12:25 PM EST

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It looks like there is bound to be a delay, and no one can help it. But where and why? Well, the final round of the 2024 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tournament seems to have been overtaken by extreme rain and gushes of wind! The warning, however, was issued on Saturday itself about the potential delay that would be taking place during the final round. It is not shocking as Pebble Beach is somewhat notorious for bad weather.

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It is expected that an unprecedented delay might even postpone the final round to Monday or even lead the PGA Tour to take more drastic measures. This is indeed a big shock to all keen fans who potentially freed up their weekends for the Tour’s second signature event worth $20 million. Intrigued to know what the golf world thinks about the potential delay. Continue reading!

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am to be cut short to 54 holes?


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Rain, rain, go away. This prayer is being made by all those who hold the PGA Tour in the highest regard. But as it turns out, it seems like the rainy weather at Pebble Beach, is going to water down all expectations!

There are a few possible scenarios at the moment: if the weather improves, the event might resume; it might elongate till Monday; Or the Tour officials might even end the event at 54 holes.


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According to NUCLR GOLF, “they will then make an assessment of whether they can start the final round and make an eventual decision on the possibility of a Monday finish. They’ve also prepped for a scenario where the tourney ends at 54 holes.”

This unfortunate update has left eager fans in utter frenzy. After all, with such major changes in the $20 million tourney, the golf fraternity was expecting to see it through to the end. But it seems unlikely at the moment that the event will continue. So what was the fans’ reaction to this?

Golf fans left angered over the unfortunate update about the Pebble Beach event

The golf world broke out in an outpour of frustration as the news of the event being pushed further back came to light. Angry fans who were expecting to witness some of the most refined talents in action assembled on X and expressed their frustration with a series of back-to-back tweets.

Here are some of these reactions:

One of the netizens quickly gave his analytical feedback on the matter. According to them, “shotgun start is the way to go.” They also supported their reasoning critically and used the opportunity to present possible courses of action.

Yet another fan brought up the issue of how the Pebble Beach-based golf course is “the most overrated on the planet.” They also expressed their anger at how it was a waste of money.

Another fan expressed how it would be a hit in their pockets if the PGA Tour decided to call it off at the 54th hole.

A Twitter user quickly suggested that there is no point in calling it already, as it is not yet dangerous to play on the course. They suggested that the show should go on.

Other members of the golf fraternity were quick to call out the PGA Tour for copying LIV Golf’s format of 54 holes. They even criticized the Tour for copying LIV Golf at every step and made the remark, “Copying the LIV Tour.”

One fan of the holistic sport even deemed this decision of the PGA Tour “pathetic.” They clarified that, unless it was a grave situation like that of lightning, this decision was uncalled for.


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All in all, the famous platform was filled with back-to-back reactions from fans throughout the world of golf.


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What do you think about this unprecedented delay? Share your views in the comments section below.

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