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Debunking the Mystery Behind Tiger Woods’ Caddie Infamously Calling Phil Mickelson a ‘Pr**k’

Published 04/30/2022, 8:30 AM EDT

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The former caddie of Tiger Woods has called Phil Mickelson a “pr**k!” The incident had happened years ago. However, it is now getting more attraction than ever as the incident is mentioned in Bob Harig’s book, ‘Tiger & Phil: Golf’s Most Fascinating Rivalry.’ Let’s find out what made the former caddie of Woods use such an obscene word against Mickelson.

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“He just basically said he didn’t care much about Phil,” said Bob Harig about the incident. He discussed it with Evin Priest on his podcast Chasing Majors. Steve Williams, the former caddie of Woods and Priest, discusses the times Williams had been with Tiger to win majors.


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Steve Williams had used an offensive term to denote Mickelson back in 2008 during a charity event. In his defense, Williams had then revealed that he wasn’t aware that journalists were present while he said it.

“You know, I think he (Williams) said, ‘Look, I just I just don’t like the guy. I think he is a pr**k,'” Harig said. Furthermore, he explained that somebody might have asked Williams about Mickelson at the event and he responded like that. 

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According to Harig, Williams didn’t deny calling Mickelson “a pr**k”.

“Because it is Tiger and because it is Phil, it caused a bit of controversy,” Harig continued.

Mickelson and Tiger have had the biggest rivalry the golf world has ever seen. Both of them used to trash talk to each other relentlessly. In the later years, the two had come to terms and became friends with each other after the Ryder Cup of 2016.

However, they still like to trash talk each other. The last time such an incident happened was when Tiger used his Twitter to call out Mickelson after he won the $8 million PIP and not Phil.

What do Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson think about the incident? 

Since both of them are famous golfers and are known for their professional rivalry, the incident had become news at the time. Mickelson responded to the incident by issuing a statement criticizing Tiger and his caddie for the name-calling. 


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Tiger had to acknowledge what his caddie said. “It was inappropriate,” Woods said about the incident later. “The matter has been discussed and dealt with.” 

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Mickelson and Tiger had a professional rivalry. However, using an offensive word to call Mickelson was never an intention of Woods. Nevertheless, it came from his caddie. Hence, the golfer acknowledged the issue publicly and even talked it out with Mickelson.


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