‘Doubtful’: Fans Lost Faith in the PGA Tour and LIV Golf Players According to a Latest Poll

Published 01/21/2023, 12:52 PM EST

USA Today via Reuters

With Augusta National making the announcement that LIV Golf players will be allowed to play in the Masters Tournament of 2023, the rivalry between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf players has intensified yet again. Players from both tours will be competing for the coveted green jacket, but who will come out on top? There is no doubt that the PGA Tour has ruled the Masters Tournament for years with players like Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy.


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But LIV golf is no less; if the PGA Tour has experience, LIV golf has fresh blood and they bring youthful energy and a fresh perspective to the tournament in order to compete for the title against the established players. The fans have already started to choose sides on social media. Read more to know which tour has a leading fan base.

PGA Tour or LIV Golf: Who is for the win of the Masters Tournament 2023?

Endless debates over who is taking the title home have been hovering all around.

The PGA Tour and its rival tour, LIV Golf, have one thing or another working as a bone of contention. With LIV players given permission to play in the Master Tournament of 2023, social media fights and arguments have surfaced for the title.


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The players of the LIV Tour seem to have won part of the battle, thanks to the decision taken by Augusta National at the start of the week. But will the Saudi-backed tour be able to take the green jacket home? Fans of both tours seem to have already chosen their sides. Some have aligned with the roots, and others have chosen the limelight. PGA or LIV, one thing that the Masters Tournament can guarantee for sure is that it is going to be an exciting and closely contested tournament.

Fans reacting to the battle of the Major’s title between the rival tours

Caddie Network on Twitter posted a video captioned, “Does a @PGATOUR or @LIVGolfInv player win the 2023 Masters?” In the video, a boat was filled with LIV stars heading towards the Masters in April. A clear mockery and portrayal of the joy that LIV Golf is currently experiencing, that tweet has clearly ignited a social media war between the fans of both tours; after all, it’s the Masters that we are talking about.

A Twitter handle commented, “No love for the amateurs?” Clearly, the young players of LIV Golf have a lot of eyes on them. For some people the Masters is more about entities than the Tours. A fan of LIV star, Cameron Smith, wrote “There is only one player who can achieve this, Cameron Smith. All the others would not even be close.

The comment section has become a total battle ground of mockeries. One of the Twitter handle mocking LIV golf wrote, “Doubtful don’t the liv players only start on a Friday so disqualified for not playing Thursday.” People not only made their choice clear but they also added a bit of humor in their tweets. One such fan commented, “LIV DJ is going to win just to remind everyone he don’t care about what tour he is on…he can whip some booty!!


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Clearly, fans on social media have taken their sides. But whose side are you on? Is it the PGA Tour or the LIV Golf for you? Drop down your answers in our comment section below.

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