‘Excellent Choices’: Scottie Scheffler Proves Paige Spiranac Wrong as His ‘Perfect’ Champions Dinner Menu Makes Fans Go Berserk

Published 03/16/2023, 6:30 AM EDT

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Last year, Scottie Scheffler won the Masters Tournament in style. And he took home, not just the green jacket but also the great honor that comes with it: selecting the 2023 Masters dinner menu! But many were unsure of his culinary tastes and suggested that his menu would be terrible. Among them was also Paige Spiranac, who was convinced that the PGA Tour star’s menu would be dull. She even went so far as to predict his menu. And surprisingly, she got it right! Well, except for the part about it being unappealing.

Paige Spiranac correctly predicts Scheffler’s menu

Last year, soon after the Masters had ended and Scheffler grabbed the trophy by beating Rory McIlroy by 3 strokes, Spiranac took to her podcast, Playing a Round with Paige, to diss the winner“I think that his champions dinner next year is going to be boring,” she claimed.


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The gorgeous golfer was convinced that the 26-year-old would disappoint with his food choices. “Seriously, it’s going to be like mac and cheese, steak. Beans and coleslaw That’s going to be the meal,” she stated. And well, she wasn’t wrong there!


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The reigning Masters champion’s menu had a “Texas Ribeye Steak” and “Family Style Mac & Cheese.” And despite having correctly predicted his menu, the social media icon got one thing wrong. The “boring” part! Because fans loved the golf pro’s menu.

The golf world runs wild with the Masters menu announcement


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Just hours ago, the Masters released next month’s Champions Dinner menu on Instagram. And the fans went berserk after seeing what the Augusta winners had in store for them. From the “Cheeseburger Sliders” to the “Warm Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie,” they loved all of Scheffler’s picks. From “perfect” to “perfection,” they sang high praises of the pro’s “excellent choices.”

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Some fans even went on to state that it was “the best menu ever.” One wrote, “Best menu I’ve ever seen.” And another fan commented, “The best menu yet!” By calling it an “elite menu,” they made it clear that it was the “best menu in years.” One fan even wrote, “I wouldn’t mind a seat at a table with that menu.” And another said, “Y’all got room for one more by chance?”


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It is clear that the fans adored his menu and that they certainly didn’t share Spiranac’s feelings. How do you like the dinner options? Let us know in the comments below.



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