‘Fake News’: Golf World Labels Donald Trump a ‘Cheat’ Following Mind-blowing Revelation

Published 09/27/2022, 10:10 AM EDT

LIV Golf has been getting support from many big names since its commencement. Among these names is former POTUS, Donald Trump, who has been very vocal regarding Greg Norman’s Saudi-backed league. Trump also loves playing a few rounds of golf himself in these LIV tournaments. However, people are not big fans of his swing on the field. And the recent ranks of Presidential golfers, according to handicap, left the fans shocked!

Fans react to Donald Trump’s handicap rank


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Golf fans were surprised when they saw the recent tweet by Golf Digest displaying the Presidential golfers and their ranks by handicap. The ranks displayed Donald Trump on the top ranking at 2.8, followed by Joe Biden at 6.7. While Barack Obama was way below at 13. And later in the same queue was George W. Bush at 15.

Nothing was more surprising to the fans than seeing Donald Trump at the top with a handicap ranking better than everyone else on the list. People were in disbelief at the tweet and gave all kinds of reactions to it.

Many fans commented saying Donald Trump had cheated on the golf course and that he was a “fake”.

Others said that the former POTUS couldn’t hit two with the kind of swing he had.

Some even said that there could be a possibility that Trump himself made that list!

But is Trump’s game actually good or is it all just a ruse?

How good is Donald Trump at golf?


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Donald Trump recently played at the LIV Golf tour’s Pro-am tournament where he was paired with his son, Eric, along with Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau. Sources suggest that Trump has a handicap of 2.8 precisely. And it means he has the potential to exercise his golfing skills at 2.8 strokes over par as per his best scores yet. And as of now, his handicap index shows a 70, which means he is capable of going way low.

July 28, 2022; Bedminster, NJ, USA; Donald Trump during the Pro-Am. The LIV Pro-Am Tournament featured the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, and his son Eric playing with Dustin Johnson and Bryson DeChambeau at Trump National in Bedminster, NJ on July 28, 2022.Mandatory Credit: Chris Pedota-USA TODAY NETWORK

No matter what the fans believe, if we were to listen to golf experts themselves, Trump is a phenomenal golfer. According to golf legend, Jack Nicklaus, Donald Trump is the best player among all the presidents he had ever played with. Similarly, Bryson DeChambeau also said, “He’s actually a really good golfer,”. Even Trump called himself a great golfer once while talking to Jaime Diaz from Golf Digest. However, fans find it hard to believe that Trump has the skills when it comes to performing on the golf course.


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What is you take on the POTUS handicap list? Let us know your opinion in the comments down below.

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