Golf Fans Slam Jason Day for ‘Overshadowing’ the Masters; Give His Round 3 Malbon Attire a Brutal Verdict

Published 04/13/2024, 5:00 PM EDT

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Many pros at Augusta National are capturing the attention of patrons! Some for their performances, such as Max Homa, Bryson DeChambeau, and Scottie Scheffler! Meanwhile, there are a few pros who garnered a lot of attention for their outfits, too, right from the first day! For instance, Tiger Woods, Jason Day, and Sergio Garcia.

Day made a striking appearance on the greens, donning a white jersey and matching shoes juxtaposed with blue trousers and a coordinating cap—an outfit from his new sponsor. Having previously been a Nike ambassador, Jason Day switched to Malbon Golf in January of this year. At 36 years old, he became the first PGA Tour player to be sponsored by the relatively new brand. The second day too, he made the waves with his off-white sweater with the number 313 and championship written on it.

After this, fans would have expected that the Malbon ambassador would tone down his apparel for the third day, but as it turns out, that was not an option! His Saturday outfit, again resembling somewhat of the first day’s pants’ baggy nature, sparked quite a discussion and trolling on the internet. MyGolfSpy posted a photo on X of Day, next to young Tiger Woods to showcase the resemblance of clothing. As seems, that Malbon Golf is either to bring the old fashion back or may be trying to recreate it!


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Both days, Garcia was also brutally trolled for his yellow-green and red-white outfit. On the first day, The 15x major champion was also bashed by the fans for his Sun Day Red outfit, which fans found “heinous.” The fans did not ignore Day’s third-day outfit and even accused him of trying to overshadow the grandeur of Masters by wearing such outfits.

Fans are not happy with Jason Day’s outfit

One fan made an intriguing observation, suggesting that “Jason Day’s baggy pants are almost overshadowing the Masters itself.” This implies that Day’s outfit choices have received excessive attention, causing patrons to focus more on his attire rather than enjoying the tournament.

Another fan made a humorous comment, starting with “People gonna focus on Jason Day’s comfy pants,” implying that the former #1 has garnered all the attention. Even more so than other players on the field, such as Camillo Villegas, as he is “out here golfing with popped collars.”

This fan appears to have a neutral stance towards Day’s baggy pants, but at the same time they sarcastically refer to them as “parachute pants.” However, they continued by stating, “Can’t knock the guy for being comfortable,” suggesting that the baggy pants are providing adequate comfort to the Australian golfer.


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This fan expressed their shock at the 37-year-old’s outfit, bluntly asking, “What the hell is Jason Day wearing?” The bizarre streak just continues! It makes one think about what he would wear on Sunday.


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One fan sarcastically expressed uncertainty, stating, “I’m not sure if I can get behind Jason Day’s pant choices,” which likely implies that the pant choices are indeed unusual, which they kind of are!

To stay updated with everything ongoing at the Augusta National during the 88th Masters, keep reading! Do you think Day will wear something crazier on Sunday? Stay tuned to find out!



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