‘Give Me Neck Tats’: Anthony Kim Fans Deeply Concerned Over Looks Despite the LIV Debutant’s Unknown Form

Published 02/28/2024, 5:30 AM EST

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US golfer Anthony Kim is set to make his official return to pro competition at LIV Golf Jeddah. Kim joined LIV Golf as a season-long wildcard player after being out of the professional game for almost 12 years. Fans can’t wait to see Anthony Kim back in action. But more than that, they can’t wait to see what the cult hero looks like. 

The world has already gotten a glimpse of his swing, his signature long hair, and his full-sleeve tattoo. Perhaps all that inevitably led to some fans questioning what his face looks like. Does he even have a face tattoo like Mike Tyson? 

Greg Norman hasn’t shown Anthony Kim’s face

Nathan Hubbard, founder of Rival and Firebird, tweeted that Norman has hidden what most fans wanted to see. Anthony Kim’s face. Nathan wrote, “The thing that is going to surprise most of you when you see Anthony Kim is his face. And the thing that LIV has oddly not shown yet in the lead up to his return…is his face.”

Also, let’s not forget that Kim’s swagger on and off the course added to his long-lasting legacy. The three-time PGA Tour winner, who set a birdie record at the Masters, not only walked away from the greens, but he walked away from public attention as well. A decade of secrecy has also raised many questions that don’t have straight answers. 

The series CEO Greg Norman dropped a 30-second teaser on X (formerly Twitter) and welcomed Kim back to the golfing arena. He wrote, “He oozes incredible talent. The world has seen it in the past and now it is an honour as Commissioner of LIV Golf to give the opportunity for this star to be reborn. Welcome back and to the LIV Golf family mate. The golf world has missed you.” 

Although Hubbard admitted he didn’t mean to sound so “ominous and weird af,”  it was a little late already. By that time, fans were ready to scar him with razor-sharp wit.

Fans are already divided, even before Kim’s return

Hubbard’s post got the Twitteratti abuzz. While some were genuinely intrigued, some were scoffed at the fact that people are so concerned about Kim’s look rather than his game. Which clubs will he use? Will Nike still be his apparel sponsor? And, of course, is he in good shape as an athlete?

Indeed, all of us have a sense of aging, and no one expects to see the same face that walked away from the 2012 Wells Fargo Championship to appear at the King Abdullah Economic City after so many years.


Kim has been absent for twelve years. An interesting point considering the last time the public got a glimpse of Kim was in 2021, courtesy of his swing coach. Before that, a fan spotted Kim in a pet store. That was in 2016! But that doesn’t mean he’ll be Voldermort incarnate at LIV Golf Jeddah. This user was having none of it.

A pro-LIV handle sarcastically said they had the answer from an insider source. Apparently, Anthony Kim has gone through plastic surgeries and now looks dashing like his idol, Greg Norman himself.

A section of the netizens questioned exactly what Hubbard was insinuating. That he has a face tattoo or that Anthony Kim gained weight?

Interestingly, a face tattoo wouldn’t be too bad for most. This user pointed out that Iron Mike was at his best after getting the infamous tribal tattoo.

Tattoos were all the rage. A large section of the Twitter community wanted Kim to have more tattoos. This user prefers one on his neck. A face tattoo of ‘LIV’ etched across his forehead would even be better.

The tournament will take place from March 1 to 3 at the Royal Greens Golf and Country Club in King Abdullah Economic City. Reportedly, Kim has signed a contract around the ballpark of $8 million.

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