Golf Fans Empty Their Thoughts on a Massive Sport Etiquette Debate

Published 06/01/2023, 1:52 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Golf is entwined with etiquettes, habits, and routines. While many of these actions are enclosed under certain rules, some of them have no proper black-and-white stance. Similar is the case with a recent incident on the greens that has sparked a small debate within the golf community.

Consequently, the video of a PGA Tour Pro went viral that showcased a habit that did not align with the normal practice of most professionals. In fact, it attracted a lot of attention from the golf community who were quick to choose sides when proposed with a choice.

Fans pour their opinions on a significant golf habit


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The stage has been set for the 2023 Memorial Tournament, and golfers have walked into the field on Day 1. Amidst the action taking place on the greens, a tweet from PGA Tour made its way to the golf community. It was regarding the not-so-orthodox action of the golfer Sam Burns, who had his glove tucked in the belt as he was putting on the 12th hole. The question asked by the Twitter handle was, “Do you put your glove in your back pocket or tuck it in your belt when putting?” And that is all it took for fans to come out with their opinion!


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There was a preponderance of back pocket among the answers. The fans commented:

As the pocket dominance continued over the belt, some fans suggested keeping the glove in the front pocket:

The sea of comments also received responses that mentioned either no glove at all or glove on all the time. Both of the gestures are the signatures of two great golfers. On one hand, Fred Couples has secured many victories without wearing any gloves, and on the other hand, the 18-time major winner Jack Nicklaus, has never taken off his glove while putting. Fans reciprocated with both legends:

Amid the diversity of comments, majority of the audience was inclined toward keeping the glove in the pocket rather than tucking it in the belt. But, this did not stop some of the fans from choosing the side of the professional as they were also Team Belt:

This action from the 5-time PGA Tour winner was not a first-time occurrence. In fact, the player has initially also eased the glove in his belt.

Other professionals who follow the same etiquette as Sam Burns

Just like in Ohio today, American professional Sam Burns, was captured with his glove pushed into his belt at the 2022 Presidents Cup too. The unconventional action of the golfer was pointed out by golf.com on their Instagram handle. They wrote, “Sam Burns tucks his glove into his belt rather than his pocket when he putts.


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However, it is interesting to note that he is not the only golfer to have been captured carrying out this action. Another professional player who has tucked the glove in his belt instead of his back pocket has been Matt Kuch.

You might be surprised by another name on the list of players who have worn a belt and tucked the golf accessory in it. It is none other than the former LPGA professional Michelle Wie West. In 2018, the star was seen in beautiful golf overalls with a white belt around her waist. However, it was the glove in the belt that was the highlight.


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It appears that where rules aren’t strictly concerned, some of the golfer find non-traditional methods based on their convenience. Well! All that matters in the end is that it doesn’t disrupt the game and golfers play comfortably on the field. What is your opinion regarding this golf etiquette? Let us know in the comments below.



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