‘He will fade Away’: Despite His Clarification, Jon Rahm Gets Brutally Taunted By Fans on His ‘PGA Tour Has My Heart’ Remarks

Published 12/08/2023, 7:45 AM EST

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In the last few days, things have taken a drastic turn in the pro-golf world. Hours ago, Jon Rahm broke the news about his deflection. The player has officially ditched the PGA Tour and his friends to join Greg Norman’s PIF-backed LIV Golf League. The Spaniard, now heading a team in the league, will be seen sharing shoulders with the same crowd he once did not agree to play with.

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Last year, Rahm’s statement about LIV’s 54-hole, no-cut, and shotgun start made quite some news, as the golfer claimed it was something he wasn’t interested in. Fast forward to the present, and with the current happenings unfolding one after the other, despite his clarification, Rahm has been brutally attacked by fans for going back on his own words.

From PGA loyalty to LIV Golf deflection: Jon Rahm’s change of words for his new backers


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Jon Rahm, in an interview last year, talked about LIV Golf, stating that the league has no backing of a legacy and he would rather play with legends, the best on tours like PGAT. The player also added that he hasn’t ever played the game of golf for monetary reasons and has always enjoyed being on the course because of his love for the sport. He even claimed that he wouldn’t switch even if he was offered $400 million and ended with, “My heart is with the PGA Tour.”

In a recent interview after the move, the golfer expressed a mixed sentiment towards the LIV Golf movement. “There’s always going to be some things that are not perfect, but that’s the situation and everybody’s life; some things I can live with,” Rahm remarked.


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Irrespective of recognizing certain issues, the player remained optimistic about the evolving nature of LIV Golf. “I am hopeful that the leaders of LIV Golf might listen to some of my advice and maybe see some changes in the future for the better of the game,” the world no. 3 concluded.

Watching the scene unfold, the golfing world reacted to the claims, and, to say less, Jon Rahm had to see the hard end of things.

Fans’ reaction to Rahm’s changed perception of LIV Golf

The fans’ reactions to Rahm’s statement have been pretty brutal. The golfer has received a lot of criticism from the golfing community. A user expressed their disappointment, which is likened to the fate of other players from the LIV, suggesting that Rahm may fade away like his counterparts, leaving little impact in the memory of golf enthusiasts. The user said, “Looks like 4-day tournaments against the best was TOO MUCH for Rahm. Sorry he will fade away like the rest of LIV and not be missed.” 

Another netizen questioned the 3M legacy, raising the question of what kind of legacy players are truly building. The user suggested that if a player can secure access to top-tier major tournaments and the Ryder Cup, opting for a professional career in a less stressful format like the 3M, where there’s less at stake, might be a reasonable choice. “What kinda legacy we playing for at the 3M? Legacy is at the masters, pga championship, Ryder cup, us and the Open as well as the players. If you can get access to 5 of these events and still play for your living in a professional all be it a less stressful format what’s to lose?” the fan added. 

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A user observed that the irony of PGAT’s year-long criticism of LIV Golf, including efforts to sway loyal members against it, only for the PGAT to eventually agree to a merger. The fan said, “In fairness, the PGAT spent a whole year slandering LIV and getting loyal members to do the same only to agree to a merger with them. Secure the bags boys 💰.”

Another netizen mentioned the rumored deal number of $600 million and suggested the irresistible nature of such a substantial financial offer, implying that it’s an amount too big for anyone to decline. “Throw $600 mill around and no one turning that down.”


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Furthering on the same, another fan emphasized the attractiveness of a $400 million offer, stating, “You literally can’t say no to $400M +.”

A user gave a concise recognition of the universal truth that when it comes to significant financial incentives, everyone has a price, covertly slandering Rahm. The fan said, “Everybody’s got a price.”

A user looked at ethical considerations associated with large sums of money and suggested that dealing with “blood money” carries a different weight or impact. “That blood money hits differently tho,” the netizen claimed.


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The reactions to Rahm’s move have been intense. What do you think about the golfer’s deflection and his words for it? Let us know in the comments below. 

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