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‘Hey Mom, I Beat…’: Now a 6x Major Champion, Phil Mickelson Had the Cutest Reaction to His First Win Over His Dad During Childhood

Published 12/31/2022, 12:30 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

There has hardly been any better left-handed golfer than Phil Mickelson. Lefty is known to be one of the greatest of this generation.

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However, his road to the pinnacle of the sport began long before his professional days, or even before his promising college career. In an interview, Phil’s father discussed the first time the young Mickelson tasted victory against his father at the age of 11.

Phil Mickelson Sr. is a former Navy pilot. Despite his busy schedule, he did make sure to spare some of his free time to have golfing sessions with his son.


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While speaking in-depth about his 6 time Major winner son’s life with San Diego Union Tribune in 2006, Mickelson Sr. shared the story of losing against the future pro for the very first time.

Mickelson Jr.’s first win against Mickelson Sr.

The elder Mickelson touched on various topics in the conversation. Among many nostalgic stories included one, which revealed the first time the future Hall of Famer defeated his father in golf. “I think every son wants to beat his father”, Senior Mickelson said before sharing the story.

Being a Navy pilot, Phil Sr. had plenty to travel. However, after returning home from one such duty, young Mickelson asked him for a game of golf.


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The two did manage to get into the Mission Trails just before it got darker. However, the match ended up being remembered for all the bright reasons for the Mickelson family.

Mickelson Jr. scored 73 at the age of eleven to beat his father for the very first time. His father said, “I think I shot 81 and he beat me by eight shots. The first time he beat me, he beat me by eight shots. I couldn’t believe it”.

The victory may perhaps be the very first of many among Mickelson’s greatest wins. However, the story further exhibits the great character of Lefty from a young age.

11-year-old Phil Mickelson is not eager to celebrate his win

After returning home, most kids would proudly share the news of defeating their father in golf with their mother. However, Mickelson was no usual 11-year-old. His father further shared what had occurred once they returned home.

Phil Mickelson Sr. said, “We got home, and I got distracted to do one thing and then something else”. According to his father, the future pro waited for another 15 minutes before asking, “Dad, aren’t you gonna tell mom?” The moment only made the Senior Mickelson feel more proud of his son.


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That I thought was very unique”, said Mickelson Sr. “How many kids that age would not come busting into the house saying, ‘Hey mom, I beat dad.’ But he’s always felt that you don’t say things about yourself. It sounds a lot better when someone else tells what you have done”.

Phil Mickelson Jr. has maintained the same humbleness throughout his career. Whether it’s the PGA Tour or the LIV Golf, Lefty has always been respectful about his win. However, a win against your father at age 11 must surely excite a kid.

But deeming to the fact that Mickelson acted usual with it, he probably was aware of his future 45 PGA Tour wins.


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What are your thoughts on young Phil’s win against his father? Let us know in the comments section below.

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