Hours After Dropping a Huge Pregnancy Update, Jessica Korda Brings Smile to the Golf World’s Face With Her Honey-Filled Video

Published 10/27/2023, 8:06 AM EDT

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In the month of May, Jessica Korda stepped back from the greens on account of her injury. And while the fans were waiting to see their favorite player on the green again, she delighted them with the joyful news of her pregnancy. After that, she has taken a long hiatus from golf to concentrate on her well-being and her unborn child’s health.

And while the mama-to-be is enjoying her relaxed time, she is keeping the fans in the loop of her pregnancy journey. Today she has a very sweet update to share with her fans. Displaying her latte skills she has left the fans impressed.

Jessica Korda’s latte-making dazzles her Instagram fans


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Jessica Korda is quite active on Instagram and is constantly sharing her day-to-day activities and cravings with her fans. Yesterday she shared a video in which she was seen chilling at home. As she entered the sixth-month mark she shared her baby bump pics with the fans and was dancing to the song Lil Boo Thang.

The soon-to-be mama was in a black dress with no makeup up and her pregnancy glow was shining bright. She even embraced her baby bump and gave the fans a first glimpse of it. And today the elder Korda shared her preparation for her pregnancy craving of Iced Honey Almond Milk Latte.


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Korda recorded the entire process in which she first poured honey into a mug and then topped it with milk and coffee. Then she poured the liquid mix into a glass jar filled with ice cubes. Shaking the glass container she enjoyed her coffee treat.

Fans are loving this yummy recipe and are dropping comments, expressing their wish to enjoy it as well.

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But was it a latte?

Korda’s latte is a big hit with the fans. One user who couldn’t contain her excitement after watching the video exclaimed, “Coming over.” For this fan too, the drink was really impressive “Wow! I’m in!”


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Appreciation for the drink continues. “Omg that looks amazing.” This fan wants to treat herself to a similar drink. “Now that looks good! Got to get me one of them!”

According to this user, it’s not a latte but a machiatto. “Technically, that’s a Machiatto.. as your “marking” the milk with the coffee, but semantics aside that looks amazing! Looking forward to seeing you and your expanded family back on your when you’re ready!”


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One fan wishes to see her playing soon, “miss you on the tour, speedy recovery.” This user finds her beverage a very healthy drink. “Healthy healthy!” Well, fans are happy to see Jessica enjoy her off time and they also wish to see her back on the greens soon.

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