How is Cheyenne Woods Related to Tiger Woods?

Published 01/20/2023, 11:00 AM EST

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golfers in history. His legacy and game are an inspiration for millions of aspiring golfers worldwide. Despite his immense popularity, only some people know that the G.O.A.T. has a niece who plays golf professionally.

Cheyenne Woods is the half-niece of the legendary golfer. Cheyenne is married to Aaron Hicks, the center fielder for the New York Yankees. We have not witnessed Woods talking much about his half-niece. However, the female golfer has frequently brought up her bond with her half-uncle.


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Let’s dig more and learn about their relationship. But before that, let’s understand how they are related.

Is Tiger Woods an inspiration for her half-niece?

Tiger Woods’ father, the later Earl Woods, had two families. One was with his wife, Kultida, and son, Tiger Woods. And another was with his first wife; however, later, they separated. While he was married to his first wife, he had three children. Earl Woods Jr, Kevin Dale Woods, and Royce Renee Woods. They are Woods’ step-siblings. Sr Woods’ first son, Earl Woods Jr., is 20 years older than the former number one golfer. And Cheyenne Woods is the daughter of Woods’ oldest step-brother.

Even though Woods and his step-siblings are not very close, Cheyenne is the bridge between them. The LPGA Tour player frequently mentions her step-uncle in interviews and has stated that she gets golf advice from him. During a 2018 interview with CNN, Cheyenne revealed the importance of her half-uncle in her life. 

Golf – The Masters – Augusta National Golf Club – Augusta, Georgia, U.S. – April 8, 2022 Tiger Woods of the U.S. tees off on the 12th during the second round REUTERS/Mike Blake

Talking about the help she has received from her half-uncle for her profession, she said, “He’s been a huge inspiration for me.” The mother of one then further explained that Woods was always there to help her out and give advice to improve her golf. She said, “Since I’ve been professional, he’s been very helpful and just been willing to help.” Even though living under the shadow of Woods was not easy, she did not let that ruin her relationship with her uncle.

What is it that Woods’ half-niece desires?

Since Cheyenne’s last name is Woods, there will always be comparisons between her and Tiger Woods. Even she is aware of it. Therefore, in 2015, she penned her feelings in Derek Jeter’s Players Tribune, titled “What’s in a Name?” Cheyenne took the liberty of addressing the elephant in the room and revealed her goals. 

She admires her uncle, but she won’t become the next Tiger Woods because they are related. Cheyenne wants to forge her own path and reach great heights. Living under the shadow of her half-uncle is not what she desires professionally. She explained, “I’m very proud to be related to my uncle, but it’s not what defines me as a golfer or a person. Yes, my last name is Woods — but you can call me Cheyenne.”

And they were not mere words written on paper. With her caliber and dedication to golf, she has earned a place in the Wake Forest University Hall of Fame. She will be inducted this year in an official ceremony; however, the final dates are yet to be revealed. But this is a point to be noted that she earned the milestone because of her skills and not because of her relation to the 15-time major championship winner.

Is there any similarity between the two golfers of the Woods family?

There was one sticking similarity between the two pros. And it goes back to the foundation of their golf careers today. 


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We know that the late Earl Woods guided his son in his early years of golf. From childhood till 2006, Woods received continuous support, guidance, and motivation from his father. If it wasn’t for Sr. Woods, we might not have witnessed the greatness of Tiger Woods.

However, Earl Woods only recognized the potential of his granddaughter, Cheyenne and nourished it throughout. He was very supportive when it came to the sport. In a 2015 video, she revealed her grandfather’s contribution to her life. She said, “My grandfather was the one who really guided me through my junior career. I started golf when I was five years old.”

It is the most substantial similarity between the two Woods. Other than sharing their surnames, they also shared their first mentor.


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So now you know who Cheyenne Woods is and how she relates to Tiger Woods.



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