‘I Voted Against It’: Tiger Woods Makes a Controversial Remark to End Further Speculations and State His Case

Published 11/29/2022, 6:30 PM EST

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Tiger Woods recently gave his opinions about the use of golf carts yet again in a press conference 2022 Hero World Challenge. However, his choice of words triggered fans.

Woods has expressed his dislike for using golf carts before. Owing to his 82-PGA Tour wins and a towering legacy, his views hold great significance in the golfing world.

Tiger Woods makes yet another case against the use of golf carts


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Tiger Woods, recently gave some important statements in a press conference conducted at the 2022 Hero World Challenge. The conversational topics ranged from Greg Norman’s wanted exit in order to initiate peace talks to his opinions about the use of golf carts.

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Woods was asked whether he would ever take a golf cart during a PGA Tour event. He answered that he would never do so. Although if he needs to and other events like the Champions Tour, PNC Championship, etc where it is allowed for him to do so, he would if need be.

His exact words were, “On the PGA Tour, no. On the sanctioned events where it’s allowed? Yes.”

However, his denial of the use of golf carts did not just limit to himself. He also talked about the pro golfer, Casey Martin. Martin is a renowned professional golfer. He partnered with Woods during their College days at Stanford.

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Casey suffers from a condition known as Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber Syndrome. This makes it difficult for him to walk through the course. The pro golfer also approached the legal front to solve this issue back in 2001. Hereby, the court held that the PGA Tour could not prevent the use of carts in its game in line with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Woods said, “You know, my teammate was Casey Martin… What he did with the ADA, I voted against it. I think [walking] is an integral part of the game, at our level. As far as a regular event, no, I would never do that.”

Tiger’s involvement with Casey in this scenario did not sit well with the viewers. His decision to involve Casey Martin’s need to use carts because of his condition was considered to be a poor choice of example to present at the moment.

A Twitter user wrote, “.. would be enough to say that taking a cart “isn’t for me”. Martin is a former teammate who just had his leg amputated, for Christ’s sake.”

Tiger Woods played this course before going pro


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When Tiger got famous after playing the course at Stanford, finding a quiet place to practice got more difficult. Thus, the legendary pro golfer chose to take matters into his own hands and started to play at Emerald Hills to sharpen his natural skill-set.

Many people witnessed the greatness of Woods’s game. Tiger’s game was on point since day one. The pro golfer was noticed for his exceptional skills ever since he started.

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After gaining fame at Stanford, Woods got galleries and had to thus, resort to Emerald Hills in order to practice properly.


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